Get Whacked à la Vodka Sauce

Photo Credit: MagicalButter

Get Whacked à la Vodka Sauce

Skill Level: Easy
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 2 hours
Chill Time: N/A
Serving Size: ½ cup/120 ml
Yield: 4 cups/950 ml


• ½ cup/120 ml Magical Olive Oil
• 28 ounces/795 g (1 can) San Marzano tomatoes
• 1 cup/240 ml Parmigiano-Romano (Parmesan) cheese, grated
• 8 ounces/230 g applewood smoked bacon, cooked and chopped
• ½ cup/120 ml caramelized onions
• ½ cup/120 ml heavy cream
• ½ cup/120 ml chopped fresh basil
• ½ cup/120 ml vodka
• ¼ cup/60 ml tomato paste
• 2 tablespoons/30 ml fresh oregano leaves
• 1 tablespoon/15 ml pink Himalayan salt
• ½ tablespoon freshly ground black pepper
• ½ teaspoon/2½ ml crushed red pepper flakes
• ½ teaspoon/2½ ml dried oregano
• 3 cloves garlic, diced

How To

1. In a large sauté pan set to medium heat, fry the onions and garlic in Magical Olive Oil for about 5 minutes until translucent.
2. Add the red pepper flakes and dried oregano, and cook for 1 minute more; then add the vodka, and continue cooking until the mixture is reduced by half.
3. Meanwhile, drain the tomatoes into a bowl, crush them with your hands, and add 2 teaspoons/10 ml salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
4. Place all the ingredients except the bacon into your MagicalButter machine, and secure the lid.
5. Press the Temperature button, and select 160°F/71°C. Then press the 2 Hours/Butter button.
6. When the cycle is complete, add the bacon and stir. You’re ready to toss your Get Whacked à la Vodka Sauce over pasta, serve it in a bowl for dipping bread, or whatever your à la vodka-loving self desires! Enjoy!

Chef’s Note:

Serve Get Whacked à la Vodka Sauce with an additional sprinkle of Parmesan and a dash of fresh oregano on each plate for a little extra zing-badda-bing, it’s a beautiful thing!