Minnesota Doctor Recommends Medical Cannabis To Break Opioid Addiction


A Minnesota doctor believes medical cannabis can help those struggling with opioid addiction and prevent future overdoses.

Vireo Health’s Dr. Kyle Kingsley says cannabis is not killing people like opioids and it is not as addicting.

Kingsley says in order to break the addiction, it is recommended that a patient slowly weenes off opioids then is gradually introduced to medical cannabis.

Many people start taking opioids to relieve chronic pain then later find themselves building a tolerance and even transitioning to a drug like heroine.

The Vireo Health CEO says, “That’s a pretty dangerous combination when the often end point is death with opioids and anytime you can decrease that dose and replace it with something that’s much less dangerous like medical cannabis that’s a good thing.”

Vireo Health plans to open a Moorhead, Minnesota location this June to dispense medical cannabis.

The new location for Vireo Health will be 104 7th Street South.

Stay tuned in June when we take you behind the scenes of this new medical cannabis dispenser.

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Full Article: Minnesota Doctor Recommends Medical Cannabis To Break Opioid Addiction
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