Cannabis Indica: Essential Guide World’s Finest Marijuana Strains 3 Review


First Impressions
This third volume in the strain-guide series, Cannabis Indica: Volume 3 works great as a stand-alone guide to amazing indicas, but also as a compliment to the other books in the series. As in the previous volumes, there are 100 unique strains featured from some of the most dedicated breeders in the world. As always the photography is spectacular, and the preface and forward provide great insight into the history of great indicas.

Digging Deeper
I was a little concerned prior to reviewing Cannabis Indica Vol. 3. Previous volumes were so impressive with the level of detail and amazing strains that it was almost difficult to imagine this volume could impress to the same level. Were there enough unique strains and breeders for this volume to stand on it’s own proudly next to the others? Turns out, the answer is a resounding yes… and then some. Many of the strains left me wondering, how were these ever left out of the first two volumes? The best of the best indicas seem to be in this volume. Classic strains like Exodus Cheese by Green House Seed Co. and Ken Estes’s Grand Daddy Purp are standouts in this regard. Fantastic landrace strains likeMaple Leaf Indica from Sensi Seeds are in here too. Not to say there aren’t unique strains from currently lesser-known breeders such as the beautiful and potent, Nube Roja from Asturjaya, with an impressive 20% THC level and beautiful purple flowers. Almost immediately, Cannabis Indica Vol. 3 became my favorite in this Green Candy Press strain-guide series.

Like the other volumes, this is a well-constructed book. The photos are gorgeous, the information is enlightening and the efforts the breeders put into their work are immediately obvious and interesting to learn about. The introduction by The Rev is a nice read, though I wish he wouldn’t have made a comparison of medicinal effects to a popular prescription painkiller. Still, as a respected grower and breeder, the introduction from The Rev is insightful and informative.

Overall Recommendation
This is a fabulous strain guide. Cannabis Indica Vol. 3 has a wealth of drool-worthy strains, great descriptions and some killer photography. The background information on the various breeders gives a layer of depth to the material and caters to those passionate about cannabis indica. It contains a nice balance of smaller breeders, lesser-known strains and the “best-of-the-best” classic indicas. It’s my favorite so far in the series, and will appeal to aficionados, growers and breeders especially. Priced at $20.00 US, it’s a great value for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of indica strains and their breeders.

Edited by: S.T. Oner
Book Review by: Xlr8 – 420 Magazine Staff Writer
Publisher: Green Candy Press
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