Cannabis Sativa: Essential Guide World’s Finest Marijuana Strains 2 Review

Cannabis Sativa: Essential Guide World's Finest Marijuana Strains 2
Cannabis Sativa: Essential Guide World's Finest Marijuana Strains 2

First Impressions – I must admit, I’ve become a huge fan of these strain guides from Green Candy Press. This is the fourth book in the series that I’ve reviewed, and they never disappoint. This most recent addition, Cannabis Sativa: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains – Volume 2 is certainly no exception. As with the other books in the series, it contains amazing photos of 100 strains from 100 different breeders, and is accompanied by detailed strain descriptions. There is also a nice introduction written by Mel Thomas, a cannabis pioneer in his own right.

Digging Deeper

Much like with Cannabis Sativa: Volume 1, there are a great variety of breeders and strains represented. Classic strains like Kali Mist, and Purple Haze #1 are in here, but so are many less known strains and breeders. Perhaps no better example of the latter, is the strain Verhdaj, by a “Secret Slovenian Grower” in Andrej, Slovenia – tantalizingly said to taste like vanilla and orange peels. It’s a real joy to see such a diverse and eclectic mix of breeders represented, and to read about their tireless effort in bringing quality sativas to the world. I was especially pleased to see “Humboldt” by CH9, included: while the strain itself is not especially well-known to the masses, it’s an incredible jasmine-tasting sativa with creative and uplifting effects (and a personal favorite).

Cannabis Sativa: Volume 2 is a well constructed book with attractive photos on high-quality paper stock. The preface does a nice job of explaining the recent resurgence in sativa strains, as well as the hybridization efforts that have helped make this possible. Each strain is accompanied by a full-page photograph, with many strains containing additional photos within the description as well. Medicinal benefits and growing tips are mentioned whenever possible, and email or web addresses are listed for most breeders.

There is a nice introduction by Mel Thomas that outlines some of the history of sativas as well as his own early experiences with them. He shares a great story of Wernard Bruining, founder of Positronic Seeds, and his efforts to bring high-quality sinsemilla to Europe in partnership with “Old Ed’, an american grower enlisted for the cause.

Overall Recommendation

If you love sativas, and want to explore them beyond the mainstream strains and breeders, you’ll enjoy this book.Cannabis Sativa: Volume 2 will also hold it’s own as a coffee-table style photo book, as the pictures are truly gorgeous. Prospective breeders will love it too, as it really highlights the possibilities of dedicated breeding practices, and the strain lineage is given whenever possible. Priced at $20, it’s a great value and compliments the rest of this excellent strain guide series perfectly.

Edited by S.T. Oner
Published by Green Candy Press
Book Review by: XLR8 – 420 Magazine Staff Writer

Cannabis Sativa Volume 2: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains 2