Method Seven HPS/MH Eyeglasses Review


Typically skeptical of most products that hit the grow scene, I had little in the way of high expectations for these glasses. Let’s just say, however, I was blown away. Constructed of high quality frames, and an impressively high quality lens, the people at Method 7 have really put together a great product. It’s immediately apparent to the wearer that the heavy yellow glow of High Pressure Sodium lamps is virtually non-existent with these lenses. High tech mineral crystal glass melted in Germany is combined with a patented formula to create a truly color corrected, and superb view of plants grown under HPS lighting. With a frame that not only contours the head well, but also feels to be made of high quality material, these shades are perfect for long term wear because of their comfort. Unlike goofy looking safety glasses, or goggles that serve other industrial purposes, these glasses look cool too.

In addition to their premium version, “The Resistance”, Method 7 also offers a solution to HPS environments for larger commercial gardeners that may employ large numbers of people and need a comparable, yet more affordable option to give their employees. That solution is called the “Operator”, featuring lenses engineered and manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision. I’ve had the opportunity to give that series a try as well. While the Polycarbonate lenses on the “Operator” glasses can only get so close to the true color correction that the glass lenses provide, the tradeoff will really be minimal. Constructed of the same high quality material as its premium counterpart, the Operator is stylish, comfortable, and effective as heck. I would have no problem wearing these shades for long periods in a large garden with HPS lighting at high wattages.

Method 7 has a solution for Metal Halide environments as well; the Operator model glasses can be purchased with MH lenses. The amount of color correction might seem to be lesser, but don’t be fooled. The blues of MH lighting are muted, and provide the user with a remarkably clear and color optimized view of plants in a MH environment.

The MH version of the Operator model may be my favorite because I’ve actually been wearing them as regular sunglasses. A quick read of their website revealed that these glasses block UVA, UVB, UVC and infrared radiation. One thing to remember is that while regular sunglasses may reduce the amount of visible light, they fail to protect from UVC radiation emitted from artificial light as they were designed for protection from UVA and UVB radiation that penetrates the upper atmosphere.

The two different pair of HPS glasses I tried make a great low light driving companion, while the MH glasses may be better suited toward brighter outdoor light situations with their darkening effect.

My experience with the Method Seven product line has far out-performed my expectations. The color correction capabilities of the premium line, “The Resistance”, have got to be one of the best on the market, if not the best. I am able to see the plants under my 600w HPS with perfect clarity, in their true colors and with much less eye strain. This all lends to a growers ability to properly assess, diagnose, treat and generally care for their plants while under the unforgiving glow of HPS lighting. I love that I now have the ability to better view my plants and am protected while doing so. I would recommend these high quality shades to anyone who wants that extra edge it takes to be fully “in tune” with their plants.

What stands out the most to me, is the product’s obvious quality from the lenses, to frame and even the sturdy hinges. Coupled with the ability to bring the overwhelming color of high pressure sodium lamps into a much truer and clearer view, these are a must have for growers of all skill and scale.

Review by Quixilvir – Staff Writer

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