The G9 TC Port Henail Review


How quickly technology evolves can be measured in a variety of ways, but is usually most obvious when compared to consumer products we use daily. For many of us, medical devices such as a dab rigs and smoking devices can be as common as kitchen appliances, and the TC Port Henail by G9 is a perfect example.

While your friends sit around refilling butane torches and heating their nails, sit back, relax and press the easy to find button on your digital friend five times to power on, and three times to introduce heat. That’s it. Within 25 seconds using the quartz nail, you’re in business. Heating times are similar, but vary slightly between the included nails. Titanium, ceramic and the new, silicon carbide in addition to the common favorite, quartz, are all part of the package. While I favor the silicon carbide for its robust flavor, quartz seems the easiest of them to clean.

Easy to read and simple to set temperature levels make this one of my favorite products to date. With a range from 300 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m able to perfect my experience based on preference.

An American made glass bubbler with a cool design is a plus, and the inclusion of a rubber storage container for medicine make the TC Port pretty cool. But the overall functionality and consistency are its strong points. I get the same perfect hit every single time, and love the battery life on this thing. The unit also boasts a timer, as well as a puff counter so that users can efficiently monitor cleaning schedules for their nails. I found that, when using the quartz nail for example, around 20 hits is doable between cleanings. The TC Port is also super cool looking, sturdy and comfortable to hold. The magnetized breather lid (carb) pairs with your stirring tool to allow storage on top, and has the ability to turn and direct airflow during your draw, which I find pretty neat.

I remember the days when our only options were pipes and a variety of bongs, dugouts and miscellaneous home made devices for medicating. Today, we are blessed with an incredible spectrum to choose from, especially this amazing piece of technology and art combined from G9.

Given its compact and semi-portable design, one might be skeptical of the performance capabilities – but rest assured, it keeps up with the best. I’m hesitant to give a 5 star rating with regard to portability, due to its fragile design and lack of a carrying case. That being said, I do what I have to in order to make this rig a part of my travels because it performs so well! With a super fair price point, I think anyone with an affinity for dabbing should look to the G9 TC Port for their next purchase.


420 Magazine Product Review by: Aaron Quix
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