Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is very similar to a couple other dry herb vapes on the market, only because the other vapes copied the tech that Magic Flight uses and put it in a plastic package, from China. Magic Flight is the original, and the more I learn about them, the more I like them! The actual Magic Flight Launch Box is made entirely in the USA. The “vibe” of the company website and wording on its packaging seems to indicate that clever, dedicated, loving “hippies” built this quirky little product with pride and purpose. I tend to believe them when they say this:

Our name is an expression of an ideal; that we may influence the real world through our spirit (ie, to do ‘magic’) and our imagination (ie ‘flight of fancy’). In other words, to conceive of something beautiful and then to make it happen in a practical way. To us, the name connotates a story of hope that the world will benefit through the goodness of our collective spirit, and that eventually, by valuing the awe and mystery of living (magic!) will grow beyond and completely exceed our own efforts — to take flight beyond ourselves.

I just so happen to own two other hand-held, dry herb vapes that copied the tech Magic Flight pioneered. I can say without reservation that after nearly a week of vigorous testing the Magic Flight product works much better than the modern, less goofy looking plastic units that I own.

First and foremost, the MFLB is made of nice, healthy Maple hardwood, Stainless Steel, glass and plexiglass for the cover. No Chinese plastics, lead, solder or anything remotely toxic is used in the construction of this product.

Everyone who tried the MFLB against my other vapes noticed that the flavor was simply cleaner and better with the MFLB. There was no “chemical” taste like I’ve gotten from the others.

It produces vapor very quickly and its easy to see the vapor form so you know when to draw. I found that it produced vapor slightly faster than the competition.

The screen is more durable than the competitors, and the simple but effective construction techniques have created a more durable product. You can feel the quality in your hand.

Perhaps it’s best if I just list the Pro’s and Con’s the way I see them:


  • Made in USA of non-toxic, durable, renewable materials. This is a green company.
  • Works perfectly as advertised for dry herbal material.
  • Competitively priced
  • Obvious quality is apparent upon examining the device from an engineer’s perspective. The people who make this product put pride and purpose into their work.
  • The Vapor tastes better and cleaner. I trust this thing.
  • Fantastic Warranty


  • The glass drawing tube must be removed for the unit to be completely portable. It still functions the same without the tube, but if you want to use it you must risk breaking the glass.
  • It’s a quirky (yet lovable) square piece of wood with a battery sticking out the side! It looks like an electrical engineer partnered up with a wood worker and were given a half ounce of fine bud and 72 hours to create a device to vaporize it. The appearance of the product is vastly different to other “modern” devices that claim to do the same thing.
  • It uses dry herb only. While this isn’t really a “con” per se, this device is not designed for use with concentrates. At a concert or other event where odorless vaping is paramount, this device will need to be re-loaded with fresh herb every 4 draws or so.
  • The batteries are good for about 6 draws each, with the first three draws noticeably better than the last three. Yes, it will still generate vapors after six hits, but it takes longer and doesn’t seem to achieve the same temperatures. Luckily, the unit comes with two batteries and a charger.

If you are in the market for a small, portable dry herb vape, I don’t think there’s a better choice than the Magic Flight Launch Box. The company has their collective heads on straight, the device smacks of pride and quality, functions as advertised and comes with a fantastic warranty!

Product Review by: Doc Bud – 420 Magazine Staff Writer