Marijuana Made Simple Beginner’s Guide To Growing Like A Pro Review


While there are a vast number choices out there when looking for literature on Cannabis cultivation, there are but few that really give the novice or even completely “green” growers what they really need, a simple effective plan to put in place in the early stages of learning and developing their indoor gardening skills. I’ve never seen so much information, so easily arranged and condensed into so few pages, all the while leaving room for educational and entertaining photographs, feeding charts featuring not one but four of the major nutrient lines, and even a section to help new cannabis users understand their options for consumption.

Introduction to the book gives you a little insight into the author’s background, one which includes a battle with genetic affliction, as well as his reason for writing the book, an interesting short read that got me pumped to read the rest.

Chapter one takes the reader straight into the basics of Building Your Grow Room, full of everything you need to know to build a one-light setup to an impressive two, four and six-light setup. Everything is there including preparation of your floors and walls, ventilation, temperature and humidity, even installation of your hardware.
Keep in mind that there are pictures along every step of this process, making it easy for those new to indoor gardening. Chapters two through four cover propagation from germination through the flowering phase, while chapter five covers Choosing your Nutrients and How to Feed, which I found to be a tad backward with regard to the steps a new grower will actually take when jumping in to their first grow. That being said, I feel anyone with a desire to grow cannabis should read at least one full book, front to back before taking the project on anyway, but I digress.

Chapter six is something I’ve never seen in a Cannabis cultivation book before; An entire chapter, dedicated to detailed and perfectly understandable feeding instructions for four different nutrient brands, which outline dosage formulas based on your particular light configuration, from seedling to harvest. Really a step above.

Chapter seven, called Upgrade Yielding is something even intermediate or moderately experienced growers can benefit from. Mediman explains the efficacy differential between having many small plants in your space, and having fewer, but larger sized plants in your grow. “I came to the conclusion that you can only grow so much per square footage of light, regardless of how many plants are under the light.” The author explains his ability to produce nine pounds in a space that used to yield him less than two, and in less time.

Chapter eight covers Harvest, including tools needed, trimming with scissors or machines, temperature and humidity requirements, curing and storage; The latter is arguably the most important and overlooked aspect of attaining our goal of high quality, safe Cannabis for consumption.

Pest and disease mitigation or control are touched on briefly in chapter nine with the addition of odor issues related to growing, followed by security and safety in chapter ten.

Even a chapter attempting to articulate the characteristics of Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and hybrid variations thereof was included to give the novice user an idea of which type of strain may be helpful with their particular needs. Only 151 pages and so much to be learned from this book, I wish I’d have found this quick and informative read much, much sooner. Born with a horribly difficult disorder known as Wilson’s Disease, the prospect of writing a book surely seemed impossible for him in his younger years, but Mediman has nailed it with this one!

Author: Mediman
Book Reviewed By: Quixilvir – 420 Magazine Product Reviewer
Publisher: Green Candy Press
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