Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook Review


Matt Mernagh shows full color photographs of 150 common different cannabis strains and reviews the smells, tastes and effects of each strain. Each cannabis strain features a high quality color photograph of the strain and a review that is a guidebook for any cannabis smoker as a strain guide to smell, taste and effects too many of the most common cannabis strains that a smoker will encounter at dispensaries. I have also used the Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook to look up many of the strains grown on 420 Magazine to see how the buds appear as well as smell, taste and smoking effects to consider if the strain may help medical conditions.

This book is a smoker’s guidebook to cannabis strains written by the only Canadian medical marijuana patient legally allowed to posses and grow his own cannabis by court order! In the introduction Matt Mernagh chronicles his activism with the Toronto Hash Mob and arrests that led to his 5 arrests and court struggle. During his 4 year struggle, monthly court sessions and 13 day trial Matt Mernagh and lawyer Paul Lewin interviewed people across Canada about their inability to access the federal government’s medical marijuana program that resulted in the largest victory against prohibition ever achieved struck down Canada’s marijuana laws for personal possession and growing.

Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook also covers:

  • How can you tell if you have stellar weed
  • How to tell quickly if your dealer is selling great ganja or dank bud
  • How to tell if your marijuana has mold
  • How to tell if your marijuana has been sprayed for taste or weight
  • How to tell if you have an Indica or Sativa before you smoke it
  • How to moderate your cannabis consumption
  • How to tell if you’ve got indoor or outdoor grown grass
  • How to tell if you have organically or chemically fed marijuana
  • How to tell how potent your cannabis is
  • Advice for my medical marijuana friends

Here is the strain review of White Widow:

“A true cannabis champion. White Widow’s lively spiciness has garnered a legendary reputation. The aroma is close to peppery and will prickle a well-trained toker’s nose. Best of all White Widow voluptuous, unique smell exactly matches its flavor. Anticipate a black pepper and cinnamon explosion with every exhale and a pleasant body-relaxing buzz. However, there’s no dullness. Instead, White Widow has an alert, active quality, making it wonderful for intense mental activity. You’re going to be chilled and relaxed, but focused. This is excellent pot for social functions. White Widow is the mother of a long lineage of White marijuana strains and it continues to be a staple on many Dutch coffeeshop menus. A whole sub category of cannabis is dedicated to White strains and they’re my favorite; White Widow, White Rhino, and Great White Shark. I’m always on the hunt for great White strains.”

Whether you enjoy high quality cannabis photographs, grow cannabis and wish to see how the buds appear when cured or are a recreational or medical patient who is seeking a guide to cannabis strains smell, taste and effects this book will find a place in your collection!

At $15 USD this book is a great value for the information it contains!

Author: Matt Mernagh
Book Review by KingJohnC Product Reviewer
Publisher:Green Candy Press: A Whole New Flavor!
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