Nova All-In-One ePipe From Cipher Review

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Fashioned for flower lovers everywhere, Cipher’s Nova has an ingenious design geared for the avant-garde smoker. With life seemingly moving at 100 miles a minute, there was a pressing need to address the needs of on-the-go cannabis tokers worldwide.

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Photo: Krissi Carbone

Based out of the greater San Fransico Bay area, Cipher is “committed to the design and manufacture of creative and unique products that enhance the modern active cannabis lifestyle”. In doing so, they have even eliminated any automated/robot help, ensuring that at any time during your busy day, if you need customer or warrantee support, simply call or email and speak directly to an actual living, breathing person. Shipment tracking is readily available through a mobile app and comes with 100% coverage for all lost, broken or stolen goods.

Cipher’s engineering and technical teams have over 40 years of experience in the cannabis consumer market and boy does it shine through in the meticulous composition of this vape. Just when we thought we left Flower Power back in the 60’s, the Nova has emerged as a new industry leader in smoking innovation and has provided a resurgence in our love for our precious cannabis flower.

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My honest opinion? This California based company has created the cannabis equivalent to sliced bread. At a mere 5.1 x 0.8 inches, its medical grade stainless steel construction is just the tip of a marijuana iceberg in a sea full of green, frozen waters.

Designed for casual, moderate or heavy extended use, this all-in-one pipe is a sheer smoke, no-mess alternative to similar products on the wholesale front. Its fully enclosed smoking system will never drop ash and you will never taste ash in your mouth. In addition, all smoke is delivered into your lungs and not into open air, allowing for maximum hit propensity while minimizing lingering smells.

Its high temperature ceramic pod system operates in a completely clear system with no plastic, no butane or coils. These glazed pods interchange inside the Nova with a “quick-connect” magnetic connection of the mouthpiece. Its flawless and detail-oriented construction outright disintegrates previous vaping woes.

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Magnetic connections securely seal while the user friendly “pop on and snap off” functionality makes smoking or cleaning this vape and its attachments an absolute breeze.

Its refillable pod smoking system shows just how much reflection went into every last detail of this pen’s thoughtful design. Flower is simply grinded and loaded directly into the installed pod, by effortlessly removing the magnetic mouthpiece. All you need to do now is snap on and you are ready to smoke to your heart’s content. Whether you are a one-hit wonder or a perpetual knock-your-socks off hitter, this pen accommodates and then some.

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Gallant accompaniments such as an additional 3 silicon pods, prepare you for future, on-the-go smoking. They can all be pre-filled and and stored, (with provided lids), in the smell-proof container and convenient travel bag, all-included with a Nova purchase. For an active mother with a very active lifestyle, this feature alone provided a huge selling point not just for me, but for all fast-paced 2K2 flower smoking enthusiasts across the globe.

Available in black carbon or unfinished stainless steel, this epically elegant one-of-a-kind, (but luckily for us, mass produced), piece also offers dynamic durability and endless functionality. The mouthpiece tip on this unit even acts as a stirring mechanism to mix flower, if needed, while smoking. As aforementioned, all chambers are secured with unique super magnetic connections, attaching and disconnecting easily while providing a sardine tight seal.

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Yet another welcomed find on Cipher’s newest innovation is that the days of preheating pens are now behind us. The patience we used to need, learning and remembering how many clicks it would take to heat pens to differentiated levels while still wasting tons of flower in untimely burning, can now be invested in bigger and more pressing life matters that desperately need our forbearance.

An elementary 5 clicks to turn the unit on and a single button, 1-touch activation is at your fingertips. The integrated “dual plasma arc” lighter wisely conserves cannabis, only burning when the one-handed ignition button is pressed down.

The pod system previously discussed offers restricted airflow that is naturally self-extinguishing – thankfully allowing you for once only to burn your cannabis when you want to. This product preservation available to the consumer via Cipher’s innovative technology sets this pipe bars above its competitors and helps keep additional money in your pockets.

This pen has single-handedly eliminated both my desire and need for a glass piece. Sold separately, Nova’s water bubbler attachment transforms your vape into an electronic bong. Its interchangeable magnetic construction provides the user with an option to enjoy a smooth water-cooled hit whenever you feel clever. Simply snap off the existing mouthpiece, clip on the bubbler, add approximately 0.5tsp of H2O and prepare yourself for an ultra-smooth mini bong hit in no time and without any effort at all.

cannabis flower and bong Nova
Photo: Krissi Carbone

One of the most attractive features on this unit is its lack of illumination, permitting 100% discreet smoking. With no visible flame, Nova’s built in concealed lighter is trend setting. The ‘Nervous Nancy Smoke’ has been unequivocally eliminated; no more bright neon signs above your head that say, “Hi world, look at me, I’m smoking some marijuana right now”. To boot, the plasma arc lighter lets you light up in even the most windy conditions and the vape itself is always cool to the touch.

Meticulous logistical precision lessens anxiety for all-around ease of use and cleaning. Simply blow or brush onto the arc feature to eliminate debris, using the enclosed cleaning brush. The optional bubbler attachment only needs a minimal amount of solvent cleaner and a shake, along with warm soap and water to remove any and all residue. Built up resin on the mouthpiece is also unstintingly dislodged by a soap and water soak.

I’m generally not one for clichés but honestly, what’s not to love about Cipher’s Nova?

cipher and cannabis flowers Nova
Photo: Krissi Carbone

Down to its super fast USB Type C charging cable, (also included), that provides a full charge with nearly 250 hits, there is not a feature on this pipe that has not been completely thought through. A loading tool, replacement mouthpiece with spring and a super handy travel bag are also included with each and every purchase. The travel bag will fit nearly anywhere you want to put it or bring it, yet is large enough to house everything you need for an ultimate on-the-go smoking experience.

Ordering is a cake-walk at Cipher where Novas are listed at a fantastic price point of $99.99 USD. Bubbler fun is like duck soup, a one click mobile shopping cart addition, well worth the investment of $24.99. For the smoker who tokes a lot or for the absent minded who lose small things often, (any hands in the air for that one?), replacement silicon pod containers are available as well at a reasonable $14.99. This unit provides the cannabis consumer with a delicious, always fresh smoke and because of its classy, long-lasting design, will be by your side for years to come.

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Resourceful and imaginative, the Cipher Nova presents itself to the cannabis market as a dexterous and innovative must-have piece in your smoking arsenal. Adroit and proficient, the artful majesty of this smoking pipe has given flower back its place in a fast track marijuana world that appeared to have nearly forgotten it.

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Move OV-A as the NOVA flips the flower smoking world on its head. Flower Power is back ten fold, and it’s waiting on you to unleash it!

420 Magazine Product Review by: Krissi Carbone
For more information: Cipher Nova