The Secrets Of Medicinal Marijuana Review


The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana
A Guide For Patients & Those Who Care For Them

by Barbara Harris, RT, CMT

This might be the best first book a person could read if they desire to gain an understanding of how to use medicinal marijuana. Barbara Harris covers it all: joints to vapes, concentrates, edibles, CBD oils and every other means of administering medicinal cannabis are included.

A novice could easily use this book as a guide for learning how to safely and effectively medicate themselves under their doctor’s guidance. However, there is also an extensive appendix that is written with medical professionals in mind. Sometimes medical professionals need to be educated regarding the advances in medical marijuana. Others wish to best prescribe cannabis to their patients and might benefit from the clear explanations of the Endocannabinoid System and how the various active substances in marijuana can best improve a person’s health.

“Old School” prescription drug oriented physicians who are open minded enough to read the book will certainly be persuaded should they actually research the many medical journal citations and studies that amply document the sound advice given here. For many people, finding a cannabis ally amongst their health care professionals is a godsend and I could easily see The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana converting a conservative physician into an advocate.

However, the best part of the book is The Secret, as the title foretells. Many of us demand a greater life and health oriented approach to healthcare, and would like to move away from a symptomatic, pharmaceutical, corporate style of medicine. This lovely book is for us.

Those who appreciate that spiritual health is necessary for both mental and physical health and who are in love with life and living will find some excellent and wise advice on how to use medicinal marijuana not just as a drug to treat a symptom but also as Santa Maria, a means of healing for the whole person, above and beyond the symptom. What’s that? Read the book!

There’s much more to be said but I don’t wish to be a spoiler. Cultivators, patients, caregivers, physicians, friends and family will all benefit from reading this book. It promotes understanding on many levels and is written in a clever and engaging style that keeps the reader’s attention.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Author: Barbara Harris, RT, CMT
Book Review by: Doc Bud
Publisher: Muse House Press
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