The Mighty Portable Vaporizer Review


The Mighty is a portable vaporizer from German manufacturer, Storz & Bickel, makers of the iconic Volcano. As an avid water pipe fan, I have been trying to turn myself on to vaping rather than combustion. I have a child who can burst into the room at any given moment and the bubbling sound of the waterpipe is not very stealthy.

The Mighty is discrete and sits fairly nicely in the hand, bulkier than an Iphone4 and about 100 grams or 3.5 oz heavier. It looks and feels like a quality product.

The Mighty works on a direct inhalation principal. Once the unit heats to an adjustable temperature, the user inhales through a “Swizzle Tube,” causing hot air to pass over the herbal material and produce a vapor that travels through a clever series of tunnels before the vapor is inhaled.

The Mighty vaporizer has an easy to fill, shallow and wide herb chamber. All pieces that come in contact with the herb are metal and this assures that the herb is heated thoroughly, without need for stirring or shaking. It works really well and the result is a fragrant vapor, requiring fewer inhalations than one would imagine to achieve the desired effect.

There is an auto shut-off, once the unit gets to the desired temperature and it needs to be turned on again to re-start the heating process. In practice it functions great, as several draws can be taken before it needs reheating again and the Mighty is so efficient that “several” is often more than enough.

The vapor from the Mighty is tasty but somewhat harsher than a bag of vapor. The swizzle on the Mighty does not really help with cooling the vapor before inhalation, however, it does take several rapid refills before the Mighty is too warm to enjoy.

The Mighty is simple to use and easy to clean, with almost no real learning curve. Its handling is intuitive and the quick-start card got me up and running fast. The chamber temperature can be adjusted via buttons over a range up to 210 degrees Celsius and I found 186 to be my favorite setting.

The Mighty can be used for days before needing to be recharged with the supplied adapter. Overall, it performs brilliantly and is silent in operation, apart from the vibrating signal that it has reached the desired temperature.

The Mighty is a great gadget and offers premium portable vaporization. I have not taken it out of the house, but I have this to quasi-replace a waterpipe and help me to be more stealthy around my son.

Review By: Richard Richardson – Moderator 420 MAGAZINE ®
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