True Living Organics Review


It’s always such a pleasure to read The Rev’s take on organic, indoor growing. As an indoor grower with my own proprietary brand of organic nutrients and methods, it is especially interesting because of the opportunity to learn from others who are growing with biological methods, not to mention it’s also good to get an idea what the “competition” is doing.

First of all, as an experienced grower I can immediately recognize a true cannabis connoisseur based on the choice of photographs. The Rev most definitely understands that amazing cannabis doesn’t always come in the form of a super-dense hydro indica nug! The Rev, like me, seems to prefer the graceful, wispy, colorful, flavorful and exquisite Sativas. His choice of photos tells me one thing for certain: the Rev understands terpenes, root systems, environment and how to get the best of genetics using living, organic soil.

In other words, if you follow what True Living Organics details, as instructed by The Rev, you’ll end up with very high grade, supremely delicious cannabis. There isn’t a hint of prohibition style cannabis mythology in this book. On the contrary, the methods shared here are for those who want to grow the plant to its genetic potential.

The book covers some very important points, with less redundant information than the previous edition. He covers making a soil, choosing amendments, avoiding synthetic nutrients, using clean water, making aerobic teas and making organic nutrient drenches which The Rev refers to as “spikes.”

The section on “spikes” is streamlined and simplified in the 2nd edition and the changes are for the better.

In addition to all that, True Living Organics also offers rock solid advice on building indoor grow spaces, with very useful tips throughout, and a very generous amount of support for the “micro” grower. His recommendations for the environment are perfect as are his recommendations for lighting.

The most common pitfalls new growers face have to do with over/under watering. The Rev offers solid instructions on how to properly water, clone, transplant, prune, feed and troubleshoot cannabis. As someone who has done all he recommends and more, I can say from personal experience that he gives sage advice and truly understands what works and what doesn’t.

There is even a new section on making hash using the dry-ice method and a warming plate. I had never seen a warming plate used, but as is the norm with this book, The Rev explains the reason why in clear, to-the-point language.

I have mostly high praise for this book, however when writing reviews I strive to be balanced in my approach and do not like to overlook things I might not agree with. The Rev mentions salt buildup as a problem when recycling soil. I believe that his recycling methods are to blame, as in my professional opinion he includes too much organic matter in his basic soil mix and when combined with kitchen scraps and recycled plant material into the soil the salts build up fast. This excess organic matter is going to lower soil pH, which is the other problem he identifies especially using a peat moss based soil.

I am confident that using less organic matter and simply re-supplying minerals would extend the life of the soil and increase microbial activity considerably. Excess organic matter suppresses soil life.

Another problem with The Rev’s recycling methods is that the resulting soil is going to be extremely high in potassium, which will decrease certain key terpenes with successive runs. Again, this could be avoided by simply taking care to keep potassium levels down in the original mix and not recycling so much organic material into the soil.

Other than that, I am confident that any grower who follows The Rev’s advice won’t be disappointed in the produce!

Author: The Rev
420 Magazine Book Review By: Doc Bud, 420 Magazine Product Reviewer
Publisher: Green Candy Press
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