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Cabinet Grow

Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Cabinet Grow to our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world.

420 Magazine exists so that you can fully appreciate the cannabis plant and interact with thousands of like-minded individuals around the world, sharing and gaining knowledge with us in our endeavor to end prohibition. We would not be able to continue operating this complicated website without the valued support of sponsors such as Cabinet Grow and we ask that you also help our mission by supporting the sponsors who make this possible.

Cabinet Grow


Cabinet Grow was founded on a simple premise – giving the novice grower the tools necessary to gain maximum yields and artisan quality from their very first grow. The design and production of the Cabinet Grow hydroponic grow cabinets makes the process of growing a killer crop self-contained, automated and simplified. And throughout the entire process, from seed to harvest, Cabinet Grow is dedicated to giving growers the resources to make each grow their best. Now, the first-time grower can skip the learning curve, accelerate the harvest and enjoy more fruits with less labor.

There is genuine passion found in the production of each grow box. Frustrated with over-complicated and under-delivering grow products, the Cabinet Grow founders knew there had to be an easier way to start growing at home. Having technical expertise, they turned a garage into a workshop and began experimenting with different designs and techniques to improve upon grow technology.

The results: overwhelming. The duo quickly realized they had struck upon the means to make hydroponic growing simpler, more efficient and a better value than other products found on the market. What started as a mission to better their personal grow experience expanded to enhance the lives of novice growers nationwide. Recruiting a team of friends and fellow growers, the new company officially formed in 2010.

Following a development period, the company refined the initial prototype into the company’s flagship, The Yielder XL hydroponic grow cabinet (currently called the Earth Cab Pro). The more compact Yielder Max unit soon followed. Other units now include the soil based and micro grow systems.

Each cabinet is designed and manufactured at the company headquarters in Southern California, using only the highest quality materials and components to assure long-lasting performance. There is no outsourcing or overseas manufacturing. Customers can even customize their units with additional features such as supplemental LED side panel grow lighting and Reserve Tank systems to make their unit perfect for their needs.

Creating a superior product at a superior value is only the start for Cabinet Grow. Customer service extends to growers throughout the grow process to ensure the best experience. Cabinet Grow welcomes and encourages customer contact, sharing the best practices of growing with their cabinets to produce the bountiful harvests at the highest quality.

Products Available

Cabinet Grow
Cabinet Grow
Cabinet Grow

Contact Information

Cabinet Grow
17932 Sky Park Cir. Suite F
Irvine, CA. 92614
ph: 888.54.HYDRO (888-544-9376)
email: info@cabinetgrow.com

Cabinet Grow
Thank you Cabinet Grow for your support in our mission. We are truly grateful!