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    Afghan Kush Problem

    Correct, coupled with the additional nutes result in burn baby burn.
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    White Widow in flower - Photos of damaged leaves

    Your lady is suffering from Mn deficit. Make sure Manganese is in your nute regimen. Needed in diminutive amounts but needed nonetheless. Results are stunted plants.
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    PPM and pH nonsense?

    Man, your right, that water to have is terrible. As far as "will it work," I'd say have at, sounds like a plan.
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    PPM and pH nonsense?

    Mn deficit on the ladies equals stunted growth. Looks like you'll need to purchase RO water if you continue because carbonates and bicarbonates have ruined your yield. Might I make a suggestion? My wife has special needs, so when it comes to water I purchased a "zero water" at Walmart ... it...
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    Need help with yellowing leaves and brown spots, pics and info included

    Leave the leaves for now, you can trim them as she grows. I noticed you're watering to often. Plants roots need to breath so let then dry, they will be very light as you do the lift method.
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    Overfeeding or lack of nutrients? Week 4

    I hope your meter comes soon, you were headed for multiple nutrient lock-out. All the best.
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    Classic nute burn for notacop. Flush with three times the volume of your medium.
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    Nitrogen deficiency? or Lighting?

    Get some ph strips/drops/meter and run distilled water through and collect the first cup and test ph run-off. Then flush after you get this measurement with at least three times the volume of your medium or until ph is corrected if ph is low from over-fertilization. If ph has shot high from...
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    Help please, I need your Advice, spots on the leaves

    Your ladies are expressing a Ca deficit, indicative of ph a bit too high.
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    Need help with yellowing leaves and brown spots, pics and info included

    Alkalinity will steal your harvest if you fail to monitor ph. Your ph will spike and plant will be slipping in Fe, Zn, and Mn. Best advice: run out and get some strips, at least, and monitor ph run-off capturing the first cup to exit and test. Run distilled through, it's ph of seven, then test...
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    Possible iron deficiency, only occurs where light is brightest

    Friend, you're in multiple nutrient lock-out now. Seriously, I'd gently pluck them from their containers and gently wash the roots as you massage them. Replant into fresh medium and go from there. Oftentimes when folks flush it can be extremely difficult at times to wash excess salts from the...
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    Help me identify whats wrong def/pest

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    Mystery Spots

    Ph is too high, needs to come down. Nutrient uptake of Zn, Fe, and Mn are slipping. In regard to the spots, looks like ph fluctuation.
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    Help me identify whats wrong def/pest

    Plant looks good and no deficit. Girls will spot sometimes like that but it's nothing to worry about, especially if you keep your ph sorted and don't over-feed (to many ppm's).
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    Overfeeding or lack of nutrients? Week 4

    You might want to lower the ph just a bit, it would probably help.
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