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  • Hello HD, been along time. just stopped by to say HIGH and happy new years, hey are you still growing the duck foot, I havent been for about a year but i was wondering if you know a seed bank that carries them, if so maybe you can drop me a line and let me know, PEACE my friend!
    Hey HD, been puffen on that duck foot and thinking of u, hope all is well for u and yours---------------------peace from wa. state my friend!
    Do you have a printer? I print pages of info to be saved. There is a lot of threads to read here. peace brother
    Hello HD (easier than trying to spell Hawaiian LOL) Glad my grow will tip the barrel for you guys! It is a very rewarding effort and I hope for you guys also. I will definitely check out your grow! Woodsman 'out'!

    "Hey, thanks for the +rep. I am using your grow(CFL and small space well utilized) and that beauty of a plant as my model for showing a friend how he should outfit a box he tried to get going unsuccessfully a while ago. I think its gonna be that plant that wins him over. Check out my grow(1st grow in prgress) when you get a chance and let me know what you think, its a bit bigger but this is my first indoor ever so I'd love as much imput as I can get."
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