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    Blue Dream & Chocoloco x Jack's Cleaner 2: Outdoor Zone 9B, Central Coast Cali

    Second chances are always a good thing. Especially when it comes to genetics. Good luck BakedARea
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    New LED light

    Sorry for the delay. I went with different models. 1,2,3 and 4 light set ups. All in 3500K. I am real happy with all of them.
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    Random Thoughts: Plants & Genetics

    Cloning day today! I can't put it off any longer. That and a major defoliation. Then I will be able to see how much larger I will get them before flower. On a totally different front. I will be transitioning away from 420mag. I have met (or kind of met lol) lots of great people here. I just...
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    Random Thoughts: Plants & Genetics

    You all have probably noticed that I have not posted flowering plants. That's because most of them are ugly. That iron lock out hit me harder than I thought. Growth has slowed a bit for a few of them. Others are pulling through ok. Ugly is still there so no plant pictures. The problem is in the...
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    Random Thoughts: Plants & Genetics

    Having a place where I can mix soil and let it cook is my problem. To many close neighbors to wonder where it is all going. I will keep using FF soil and add what I can when I can. I may be switching to Fertilome ultimate potting soil in the future. I will have to feed from start to finish but...
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    What Makes A Good Cannabis Strain?

    Dwight. I feel the same way. I have 3 more strains from D.J. Short that I don't know what to do with. Paid to much to throw them away. After this trial of his genetics I don't know if I want to grow them anytime soon. I grew out 5 Flo seeds when I did the Flo F-5. They were all males so I never...
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    What Makes A Good Cannabis Strain?

    I just grew out D.J. Shorts Flo F-5. Yes there is such things as a bad strain! I found NO redeemable value to it at all. I threw out 5 oz's because it was so weak I wouldn't even give it away. With all the flavor Blueberry has added to hybrids over the years. I expected to find it in a strain...
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    Random Thoughts: Plants & Genetics

    Dankman. That is the same stuff I was running. I know it should work, I just need to get used to it. Just goes to show you. I am not a good grower. I grow good weed LMAO. As long as I stay in my lane and don't get to big for my britches things normally go well. I am just not that good at...
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    Random Thoughts: Plants & Genetics

    The fish in that lake have so much food and are so fat they loose little weight through the spawn. Not only are they still big. They eat well for that same reason. The main food source there is fresh water shrimp. It has great Fly fishing. I watched a friend catch a 8 lb brown on a # 20 black...
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    Thought for the day

    Self reflection is easier when you are single.
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    Most Dense Strains?

    COB led's make things even easier. From what I have noticed. My plants under the COB led's are denser than their sisters grown under 1000 watt HPS.
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    Random Thoughts: Plants & Genetics

    I have now figured out. My iron problem wasn't really a iron problem. Ended up it looks like I have a phosphorus abundance that is locking out the iron. I kind of made things worse when I added flower nuits with the Lilly Miller. This problem is going to cost me some bud. This is a bad time to...
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    What Makes A Good Cannabis Strain?

    420 Warrior. The Purple Afghani I was talking about was a test for Grimm. If they release it you may want to look into it. Lots of head to it to start for a mostly indica. I would call it a thinking mans indica. Its strong but not brutally.
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