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    MassMedMan: Confessions Of A Dirt Farmer

    Been thinking about getting a new journal going not sure if I really want to or have the time. But, I've got a desire to share what I've learned over the years growing cannabis. So, this is a new beginning. This will be much about bull shitting as it is about plants. I don't take a lot of...
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  3. LED/CMH


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    Can you keep a cannabis plant as a house plant?

    I do. I call them mothers. Cheers!
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    Is it time for nutrients?

    Another good thing about that big bloom and using it as a foilar is it's your first line of defense for pests. EWC foilar is a great preventative application for pests..... ;) And nothing greens up plants like worm shit! Happy growing!
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    Almost 40's Sun Set Sarah's 1st Grow Ever!

    "Sell my hunting equipment for a LED. " Now that is my kind of lady! :yahoo: Good luck. Plenty of great resources here.
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    Is it time for nutrients?

    Big Boom is basically liquid EWC or earth worm castings. You can't burn with that. That's why it's the only one of three that's OMRI listed ;) I love foilars of EWC and so does the plant. That is the fastest way to feed your plants. But, either way big bloom is basically harmless....
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    Soil or Soilless?

    Well put, Old Salt.
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    Seaweed question

    There's no NPK on that and nothing I could find online with a quick search. Reviews I read were good but nobody mentioned cannabis. I do see where it says it's concentrated so tread lightly. Yer plants appear to be healthy with leaves praying. See if anyone else from across the pond has...
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    Seaweed question

    When you say using it, on the plant - are you foilar feeding? Liquid seaweed is good stuff. Not sure if it'll give you everything you'll need through flower I'd have to see the bottle. But, seaweed is good stuff -- in the summers I drag a bag or two of seaweed from the local beach to my...
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    Seeking Advice on Cloning

    Clones are easy. Don't overthink this one. Best time is in veg or early flower. I prefer to take my clones when the plant is thirsty. Learned that from Doc Bud. Location, really not that important other then you want it from a mature branch or one that has leaves with seven fingers...
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    Curing question

    5 days into jars is quick.
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    Can someone help me with a question

    Just don't give me any matches.....
  14. 2 P600s surrounding a  Nanolux 630 CMH

    2 P600s surrounding a Nanolux 630 CMH

    Go big or go home. That's a full spectrum...
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    Help Please! Cal-Mag Overdose?

    It's really hard to OD them on cal mag. FFOF has crushed oyster shells in it for cal mag so you really shouldn't need to add any either. It's also known to have PH swings and that could be the problem. Meh,,, my guess would be the timing and the ingredients of the foilar.
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