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    Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come And Win TS-2000 High PPE LED Grow Light!

    I wamt the mars hydro ts - 2000.upgrade from mars 96 ..weeeeeeee eeeeeee
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    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    When i had mine on the concrete had very small plants and all kinds of nute trouble..i have 10' ceiling so i just lifted them a foot by building a wood frame..makes it easier to tend to also..prolly dont need a foot but enough to get good air circlulation ..my floor so cold
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    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Is see steps is this in the basement..basement floors are very cold in northern climates..raise them up a foot .watch them change overnight
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    Mars Hydro New LED Grow Light Give Away

    Fusion protostar
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    Sponsored Grow - Goliath & The Beast Auto Topping

    hippy just keep doing what the beast does I started following him over a year ago..you will be happy:adore:
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    Sponsored Grow - Goliath & The Beast Auto Topping

    carpe diem...... the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future
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    Sponsored Grow - Goliath & The Beast Auto Topping

    I'm all subbed up..cold beer and some snacks and ready to learn from the beast.i started this journey a couple years ago.after many hours of reading I stumbled across the beast master..i went from ok growing to insane buds In one easy lesson from the beast by just doing what he does and copying...
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    Auto Topping LED Grow

    hello beast.im back in time for new light and journal.:thumb:
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    Auto Topping LED Grow

    quote for message above
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    Auto Topping LED Grow

    yes I have and a shit load of purple stuff , to prove what I have learned from your grows. thank you for all your posting and teaching.ive gone from the 1 oz plants to 6 or more oz. per plant..i no longer have to grow year round or buy black market shit to keep me and the misses in good top...
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    Auto Topping LED Grow

    we been calling my purple smoke....just grins at it..lol:bravo:
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    How To Put A Link To Your Grow In Your Sig

    thanks rtk I didn't know
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    600W HPS AutoXtreme Grow

    yea the heat..maybe next winter when I need added heat in garage as I had to run small heater all winter and struggled to keep it to 75 with lights on with leds
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    The Perpetual Healing Garden - SweetSue's Joyful Return

    unless its bud storage:thumb:
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    H0bbyGr0wer89 - Soil - White Widow - 2016

    yes this all makes since.no chlorophyll no nutes going into cure.all of my learning on here so far has been growing thru veg and then a great bloom and flower.now ready for some diffront curings.this has came a long way from the days of pulling the plant roots and all and then hanging it all...
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