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    InTheShed Grows Autos & Photos, Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    Thats what my struggle was (if you could call it a struggle), keeping the heat factor in check. LED's took that out of the equation entirely. I'm running (2) Mars Hydro 300's, (1) 700, (1) Viparspectra 450, and (1) knockoff in a 4x6 room ... like 800w + of light with nothing but a floor fan...
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    InTheShed Grows Autos & Photos, Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    It was, I was going to expound apon that but though I'd keep it short. I used CFL so much, as clone lights, veg, flower, supplement lighting...they are super versatile and entirely cheap DIY gold....but they are hot and they need to be pretty close. Watch you don't let your girls grow into them...
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    Aphid Attack!

    I need to get on the ball and check my own damn threads! My bug buds harvested nicely. I warshed them up good with H2O2 and water, then sprayed them with the garden hose blaster attachement! I gave it to 'er good! THey dried up nice...smell pretty hayish but are solid little nuggets! If you...
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    Homespun Grow Bag

    No, I haven't used them in some time actually. I have them still somewhere, maybe I'll bust them out again someday but I like my cheap plastic 5 gal pots the best for the style of watering that I've adopted. I water to about 10-15% runoff then let them go real dry so I use pot weight mostly...
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    Foxtailing Facepalm

    Hi guys, thanks! I pulled back my intensity a bit, even the foxtails are filling out nicely. Crazy!
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    InTheShed Grows Autos & Photos, Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    I couldn't resist Shed, this is my Frankenstein veg monster...it did a good job, I even flowered under it!
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    Help please

    From what you show you I'd say you only have to decide if you want to go 800 miles an hour or 815. Both speeds will tear your bean off! They look great, my take is you are at the point that you could pick them whenever you feel it's time with confidence you are only modifying the style of...
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    InTheShed Grows Autos & Photos, Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    Hiyall, my ears were ringing with the talk of CFLs! I have much fun with them, but I'm with Shed get cheap LED if you can find one. eBay has mars hydro 300's with a diode or two out for 30-40 dollar range... even with bulbs out on mine I'm growing awesome plants. Cheers, thanks for all you do...
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    Hey Gang!

    Looks like a happy garden! I have foxtails too I think I zapped the middle plant with my new QB, she's got some power! Cheers mate, gl on your grow! :yahoo:
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    Looking good! Im in the same boat...bag seed! Good fem'd bag seeds though, so it's been fun! I just scored a bunch of PVC and water line so I think I might whip me up a hydro setting once this batch is in the flower room. Only problem I forsee is I like to move plants and lights around for...
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    Maxing out 4 plants per 1000W DE

    So you plan on having veg and flower areas? I don't have the "perpetual" down perfectly and my timing is typically more random, but I tend to start new plants every month or so. It doesn't matter on the time disparity, as I can just scoop them up and toss any of them in the flower room at any...
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    Soldier bugs are welcomed here

    I was playing with the puppy in the front lawn the other day and saw some lady bugs fornicating in the turf, I almost scooped them up and and moved them inside! I knew they would love the pot condo but I couldn't bring myself to interrupt the "splendor in the grass". I should have it's getting...
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    Maxing out 4 plants per 1000W DE

    I'm no pro but I'll put my two cents in....I think this depends on the shape and output of your light @ModernHippyDad . I have a 2x4 QB for flower that would do more like 4x4 during veg. As far as how long they can veg...unless it's a auto, as long as you want them to get big before you...
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    HIya @Heathen1812 whacha growing? :yahoo:
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    PB's Persistent Pot Condo, Est. 2019

    Hope you don't mind a bit of a photo dump whew they look so good! It really stinks in here o_O
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