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    Cannabis to prevent deaths of despair

    I LOVE to drink but when I do it covers my entire body in stupidity. I was in the party store the other day and the guy who owns it said "Wow I didn't know you were in town still, haven't seen you in years!" I said "that's because I quit emptying your shelves of cheap vodka..." to which he...
  2. Pbass

    Rhys777 First Attempt At A Journal And To Be Honest A Grow

    Nice geometry! Awesome job @Rhys777 those are gonna be beauties! CHeers! :yahoo:
  3. Pbass

    PouceBlack Micro-Tents Grow

    Weed plants are like Doritos...we'll make more! Plus looks like they have a fine new room and old school grows great buds! Could you keep those plants low with some super cropping?
  4. Pbass

    Topping and training

    I understand "super cropping" to be the act of smashing and bending a stem over to promote growth of lower shoots. No material is removed from the plant, unless you do it wrong! Removing the top growth of whatever stem you remove it from at whatever node you decide is considered " topping"...
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    PB's Persistent Pot Condo, Est. 2019

    Thanks DD I got the bud stack down pretty good this round but my tennants seem to chronically suffer from floppy stem syndrome...I should hang them up but I'm rather lazy! I guess I'm a bit of a slum lord... These pineapple expresses grow like bushes and are really soft stemmed, but man do...
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    PB's Persistent Pot Condo, Est. 2019

    It really can't ever be a bad day when you know you got this in your basement. CHeers y'all, have a great week! :yahoo:
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    About This Old Man

    Welcome @dlbMed nice setup...those plants look top shelf! CHeers mate, luck to your grow! :yahoo:
  8. Pbass

    Topping and training

    Oooh this is a good thread I'll like to see what is replied...I'm no pro and do alot of it by only guestimation! I read just recently on someone's thread, maybe @TurboBucket or @TorturedSoul that letting them go that tall then cutting back that far is a good thing, as it establishes good root...
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    Amnesia Lemon grow problem

    Hiya @Madmunchies83 are those in soil?
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    PB's Persistent Pot Condo, Est. 2019

    Bitcoin is up, the clone tent is working great and now this! I might go see what my wife is up to...hmm..or maybe better not break the streak... ;) :yahoo:
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    Dutch Seeds Shop Granddaddy Purple & Strawberry Banana

    Wow that is awesome! Amazing room full of weed Mr. Bucket! CHeers! :yahoo:
  12. Pbass

    First Time Auto, First Time DWC, Northern Lights

    Wow Mr. C start to finish great journal! Love the pics what kind of camera do you use? Looks like a bit of trim in need but great frost! I might try me a DWC bucket one of these days...CHeers mate, great job! :yahoo:
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    PB's Persistent Pot Condo, Est. 2019

    What's the strategy with regular seeds? I have 5 Pibeurt, 5 Jedi glu, 7 Bruce banner. Was thinking of soaking 1 of each.
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    Dr. Seeds' Granddaddy Purple: Coco Grow In Mars Hydro Tent Under TSW-2000

    I was eyeing these the other day OS I'll be interested to hear what your results are. I'm gonna use that $30 from MArs Hydro but I think I'd benefit from something small for seeds before then as I finally cracked open my wallet.
  15. Pbass

    Second Grow With New 4x4 Indoor Tent Build

    Amazing grow @Dano999 awesome building, awesome details, what a treat! Thank you, CHeers! :yahoo:
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