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  • Hi Sara. It’s a question thats going to travel all the way across the world to yourself in Shenzhen, China. My Canadian Grow Box measures 4ft width 5ft Height 2ft Depth. I have 2- Mars Hydro LEDs (300w each). My question is how far between the light and the plant would you recommend for optimal growth? I’m growing 4 autoflowers and they are now approx 28” from
    The LEDs. Would you recommend lowering? Thanks a lot for your time and I look forward in hearing from you soon. Happy growing! When you have a chance checkout the pictures I’ve posted and leave a comment, would
    Love to hear from you.
    Im looking to switch from HPS to LED. but im worried about losing harvest weight?. average of 2lbs or + per Single Ended HPS... is there a marshydro light that can do same or better?
    Hey sara what would u recommed to bu the mars 144 or the mars 192 i am a beginer grower and want to kno what would fit me best i have a 5x3 tent
    Hi Sara, newbie at indoor growing. I have severe spinal damage and would like to grow a plant or two for my pain medication. Very fixed income.
    My question is should I buy a Mars Reflector series 48 with a 27"X27"X63" tent combo for $169.00 + free shipping and down the road pick up another 48 ?
    Or same size tent with a Mars Reflector series 96 for $237.00 + FS and call it good?
    I would like to grow two White Widow feminised auto plants at once or should I limit to only one at a time per limited lighting?

    Thank you in advance for your response,

    So I ordered off of amazon and I got the Mars 300 and it was packed in a box in a box (which seams wasteful to me as both were plain) but I didn't get any paper work at all. Nothing on the warranty no mission statement for the company not even a packing slip (because I ordered hangers also) showing what was shipped or how to contact your company if I hadn't been journaling on this platform I would never have known about you to even ask meaning I wouldn't have known how to contact a rep as I was not even given a phone number or email for a rep. Could you let me know wassup please. Bless you sister energy flows strongest In those of us who remember were all family
    hi there i just visited your website and have a few questions about some of your products i live in aus and would like to talk bushiness. when you are able please get back to me :D
    just a little curious on how one goes about getting sponsored by TopLED? I would love to run one of your lights in my tent if possible
    Hello SmokeSara, I've been following CO Finest's 5'x5' Scrog grow using your product, 144x3w lights. I'm very interested in LED for my future grows and intend on possibly purchasing some in the next 3-6 months. I'm saving up for them. I just wanted to stop by and say Hello and let you know I like your products. "Keep The Green Side Up" Sincerely, shadowman.
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