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    Feminized seed question

    If you take one female plant clone her and make 50 plants and one of those plants get stressed out and produces pollen and pollinates the other plants of identical genetic makeup will the resulting seed be feminized?
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    Veg & flowering timing

    It's a straight forward question for a response.
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    Veg & flowering timing

    I live in southern ontario and I have a grow 3 weeks into flowering, my question is if I were to put the grow outside for the last 4 weeks will they go back into veg or will they continue flowering? Not too sure what week in august they normally trip into flowering..
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    Yield and using a light rail?

    scrap that idea... the strain I have flowering i get 1 lbs per light now, wanting to drop my yield..
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    Yield and using a light rail?

    I run with 3 600 watts hps to flower the last 4 weeks of flowering, how much would my yield drop if I use a light rail and drop down to 1 light? or I was thinking of mounting a bracket to the light rail and mounting 2 lights to it for a wider more even coverage..
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    CMH vs MH question

    Is the square footage roughly the same for ceramic metal halide and normal metal halide? I'm thinking about switching my flowering room over to CMH from HPS/MH. I am currently running 3 600 watt HPS in a 6×12 space and getting just over 2 lbs of finished product. I have heard that CMH use 1/2...
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    Switching to LED'S question

    I am thinking of switching from 600 watt HPS and switching to thousand watt LEDs to cut back on my hydro consumption has anyone had any success with using LEDS and if so what brands are good to use?
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    Making feminized seeds

    Ok.. thanks. So as long as it's "feminized pollen" going to a female the resulting seeds will be feminized.
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    Making feminized seeds

    I am thinking of making feminized seeds and I was wondering if you can take feminized pollen from one strain and cross it with a different strain that's also female and have the result be feminized seeds?
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    Rooting question?

    I have a question about rooting. I start my clippings in the Peet pucks. Once roots start to show they go into solo cups, than into 1 gallon pots then to 5 gallon pots. What would be a good additive to add to the water to help along strong vigorous growth?
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    Candy Cane flowering time?

    Re: Candy Cane its 7 weeks after it starts to flower, so get her as big as you can as fast as you can....
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    Peat Pucks - Reusable?

    can you reuse peat pucks from clippings that failed to root if they are dried out or is there a big chance for mold/fungus to grow?
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    Girl Scout Cookies & White Walker Kush Cloning Question

    re: Girl Scout Cookies & White Walker Kush Cloning Question the question was: has anyone grown these (and cloned) and what is the best to use: cloning gel or cloning powder (or both) so not no 30 questions.
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    Girl Scout Cookies & White Walker Kush Cloning Question

    I am trying to clone girl scout cookies and white walker kush and having a heck of a time rooting them. I have been using the cloning gel, would it be best to use the powder or double dip them? temps are around 68-72 degrees and 18 hours of light. if anyone has grown these can help let me know...
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    Are these eggs?

    we did have a power outtage about 2 weeks ago and the plants are in veg but were in the dark for an equivilent for 3 days
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