1. G

    Mix HID COB LED Build

    Hi, Im putting together a shopping list for my DIY COB setup and I need some input, I want to Mix MH + LED for my veg stage and HID + LED for the flower stage like in my sketch below. Running the 2700k LEDs during veg should make the outer part of the plants stretch to fill up the canopy while...
  2. P

    Light temperature ratio importance during flowering?

    Hey all, Pakman here. So I'm working towards flowering 3-4 small plants in a clone tent. My plan was to use 30x 'household' led light bulbs, 20x 2700k 950lm and 10x 6000k 1000lm. We didn't stock the 6000k so they were put on back order, 2 weeks ago.... Contacted the supplier, they're not...
  3. J

    Newbie Grow Journal 1st Entry JMills

    Hey guys im a newbie having only grown some garbage outside in the past ,i would of started my grow journal at the start but ive been so busy trying to get everything going but im on week 3,im using cfl 8 5000k,1 6500k, 5 2700k and 2 2700k LED. When i throw my gals into flower i am gonna add 2...
  4. J

    Help to buy a CFL bulb

    Hi guys, I'm new of the forum and I'm new of growing as well, I didn't start anything yet but I'd love to do it... I tough to start with some CLF bulb but I have some problem and I'm indecise which one take (I will do 1 or 2 auto-florent plant indoor in a small place 50x50x110). I saw...
  5. A

    Indoor soil Green Crack harvest time?

    ive seen alot of different times online .. 59 days and im only at 5% orange and maybe 2% ember thrics the rest all cloudy ....... first full grow ,my plants are def stunted from small veg pots /nute burn/over trimming in veg and vegging with 2700k bulbs ... so will all these early issue push...
  6. D

    Noob Not Doing Very Well

    Hey all, Great forum with tons of info. I'm green, new and with envy. I'm a first timer here on a shoestring and things aren't going well. Mary and Jane (sorry) are only 8 inches tall after six weeks from germination. They spent a little time outdoors for the first couple of weeks but are...
  7. S

    6500K or 2700K for Auto Flower or both?

    My question is concerning CFL's used for Auto flower. I know the Auto flower light schedule 20/4, 24/0 hrs etc. but since these are auto flower do I have to change the bulbs when flowering? First time Auto grower. Usually I would use 23 watt CFL 1600 Lumens, 6500K for Veg and 2700K for...
  8. S

    Another lighting question!

    Okay so im going in the next few days to buy some bulbs for the rest of the growth stages of my plants, right now i have 1 60watt cfl per plant.. im wondering if i go to a 250 watt cfl (6500k) on each until flowering and then 2700k 13watt cfl, would this be an okay setup, and make them grow...
  9. D

    I need help with light!

    Hey guys. I go straight to the question. I know 2700k is not good for veg. but I want to get answer if 40W LED 2700k will be enough to grow one plant from veg to flowering. I have auto fem. seeds.
  10. xave420

    Can you make plants bud with just a 2700k light spectrum?

    or would it be helpful to keep some 5000k lights with the 2700k during the 12/12 period? any info would help. thanks I cannot use a hps I am doing this with many 6500k cfls to start this with about 13,000 lumens for a 4 Square foot space for only 1 plant. but have enough room for it to grow 5 ft...
  11. N

    I know nothing!

    bag seed from a friend unknown strain. day 32 under 12/12 hows she looking? 4 x 23/100 watt cfl 2700k 1 x 18/100 watt led 2700k
  12. T

    Full lighting on week 1 or add slowly as plant grows

    Hey I am thinking of putting the seed into a cup then when it grows a bit plant it on his final flower pot. When it's on the cup (until the plant comes out) it needs 0 light right? After i tranplant it into the final flower pot should i give him full light 4x45watt cfls or should i slowly open...
  13. S

    One high wattage CFL's or several lower wattage CFL's?

    So Ive read and read about everyone talking about how many CFL bulbs they are using in their grow. Now its time to start my own, and I am coming to realize that the cost for one high wattage CFL is lower than the bill for multiple bulbs. So, here is my question, Which is better for a grow of...
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