6500K or 2700K for Auto Flower or both?


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My question is concerning CFL's used for Auto flower.
I know the Auto flower light schedule 20/4, 24/0 hrs etc. but since these are auto flower do I have to change the bulbs when flowering? First time Auto grower.

Usually I would use 23 watt CFL 1600 Lumens, 6500K for Veg and 2700K for Flower
My question is what Kelvin should I use with Auto? 6500 K emulates the high strong sun in the summer months and in flowering in the fall the Kelvins go to 2700K.

Any ideas do I mix then or keep 6500k all the time??
2 Plants Amnesia Haze Auto Fem

I have 12 lights but only room for 8 lights, this is what I have to work with and how should I mix them.
6- CFL 23 watt 1450 Lumens 6500K
6- CFL 23 watt 1600 Lumens 2700 K
Should I put 4 CFL's , 6500K and 4 CFL. 2700K and never change them or?
Consider led bulbs. Phillips and osram sylvania have a "100w equiv" 1500limens for 14-15watts each. Save 8-9watts per bulb, and they're only $20-25 for a 4 pack of bulbs now.

Go for a mixture until they stop growing up and start to flower, then I'd go all 2700k.
IMO I would do the x4 6500kand the x4 2700k the hole way through! That'll give you a nice balance of frostiness and denseness, granted you the cfls as close as possible.. This is how I run my autos with great results! :thumb: JUst get the bulbs CLOSE and have a fan blowing thru them to keep the leaves nice and cool
I am going to have the CFL's about 3 to 5 inches from the plants with a fan constantly blowing and I like the mix of lights as you mentioned x4 6500k and x4 2700k
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