400w 30,000 Lumen CFL Setup


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I'm thinking about building a 400w CFL setup. I was going to get a E27 socket and cable, a 4-in-1 E27 splitter... 3 100w 2700K 7500 lumen CFLs, and 1 100w 6500K 7500 lumen CFL... about 30,000 lumens total.

Anyone have any experience with something similar?


I actually found 100w dual spectrum 6500K/2100K bulbs for about $90 each. I could do 2 dual spectrums, and 2 2700K's on my flowering setup.
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For the money you are looking to invest, why not look into LEDs. I started with CFLs (25x23w) and they worked well during veg but then bought a Mars Hydro M2 900 LED light. $445 CDN landed at my door, it draws a little over 400w and worked great for flowering.
Yhey LED for life. im running 2 mars old series 3x100 it draws 180 watt and it providede me some nice buds. My first grow did around 250 grams of bud and fluff . The servece of mars grow lights is nice aswell after 3 grows i had some diodes blown and i got free replacing parts. Just needed to do some soldering .

So if you got the money to go the led way i say do it. Otherwise just go with a hps and a nice hood
He likes the bud he gets from CFLs and is not a fan of LED.

What he said. And I'm staying away from HID because of the heat.

I can get 30,000 lumens off the CFL setup, I can get 50,000 off a 400w HPS. But because of the HPS' heat, I'm going to loose the first 3 feet of lumen production due to heat. So really that HPS is only 40,000 lumens to the plant. The CFL I can literally almost have the plant on the light (like LED) so really the results are almost the same, minus spectrum control with the HPS.

Personally I'm not against LED... I just prefer it as a supplement for side-lighting to CFL.
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