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800w hps

  1. Laank Dank

    First 5x5 Grow

    HIGH my felloW grower and readers this is my first go at what will be mt first tent grow. My inventory and equimet is pretty much standard and advise and leadership is always welcome.I believe one can never know enough. EQUIPMENT. Tent 150x150x200 Lights 1 x 400w MH / 2 X 400W HPS...
  2. Q

    QuadZilla's First Soil Grow, Sour Apple! SCROG

    I'm starting my First medical grow today after much planning and little actually getting done. So after several false starts with others, a few hundred dollars, 6 stolen/lost babies(I thought of them as such anyways), me and my friend finally decided to say screw it, we'll have a go at it by...
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