1. HotHeadBurner

    Pioneering indoor Cannabis growing in my country with Land Races & Bag Seeds: sigh

    Hello 4.20ians. This might be mighty tricky. (Grow equipment attached to know the scale of the task) (More pictures at the bottom, plus I played at topping one) This will be first grow, for health reasons obviously ... cos the crap I get sold to smoke in my country is straight butt-hole and...
  2. 2019 Outdoor Grow

    2019 Outdoor Grow

    seedlings and early reveg
  3. 2019 Outdoor Grow

    2019 Outdoor Grow

    aMaphondo in seed after direct pollination, early seedlings and winter window weed in bloom
  4. Sunrise African tomato farm 4.jpg

    Sunrise African tomato farm 4.jpg

    African sunrise the day begins
  5. Sunrise African tomato farm 3.jpg

    Sunrise African tomato farm 3.jpg

    Sunrise as the sun starts to show
  6. Sunrise African tomato farm 2.jpg

    Sunrise African tomato farm 2.jpg

    African sunrise with the sun coming up behind the clouds
  7. Sunrise African tomato farm 1.jpg

    Sunrise African tomato farm 1.jpg

    Sunrise with the sound of turtle doves and a jackal on the breeze
  8. aceknight

    Double Tappin' African Original Seeds

  9. Ron Strider

    Medical Marijuana A Huge Opportunity For Africa

    All African nations are capable of cultivating medicinal marijuana to exploit a growing international acceptance of cannabis-based medicines. The current global market for marijuana products is US$3 billion and is expected to rise to US$56 billion as more countries and US states join the...
  10. Ron Strider

    This Country Is Tapping Into Lucrative Marijuana Industry That Could Make Africa Rich

    Lesotho has become the first African country to grant a license for medicinal marijuana. The country's health ministry licensed Verve Dynamics, a South African company that describes itself as "a vegan friendly manufacturer of highly purified botanical extracts and specialty ingredients."...
  11. T

    I'm in South Africa - Need a reliable seed bank

    I'm in South Africa, need a reliable seed bank. I am having trouble sourcing seeds. I purchased seeds from (first purchase). I have already waited 2 weeks (10 working days). According to MSNL, the seeds should arrive within the next 10 days. I can pay with creditcard, or paypal...
  12. F

    Hazy Daze Medical Products - South Africa

    On a recent visit to South Africa I found a medical marijuana oil from Hazy Daze Medical Products. I have been on local oils in the States but my family in South Africa will keep me stocked with this oil. It absolutely awesome. The pain release lasted for 12 hours and it worked better than my...
  13. K

    South Africa To Become First African Country To Legalise Cannabis

    In what the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) considers a major achievement after championing the legalisation of cannabis through its late MP Mario Oriani-Ambrosini who died of lung cancer in 2014, the same year he introduced a bill in Parliament seeking for the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal...
  14. K

    South Africa To Legalize Medical Marijuana Use By April 2017

    South Africa is set to legalize the cultivation and use of marijuana, locally called dagga, becoming the first nation in Africa to permit its medical use by April next year after the Parliamentary health committee pedaled implementation of a proposed bill. The use of high quality marijuana...
  15. S

    Hi from South Africa

    Hi everyone! I'm new on here, thought I'd join up for a few tips on indoor growing and advice. I'm trying out my first indoor grow! Living in Africa I have grown successfully outdoors for many many years so would be happy to share my knowledge and experience on that too. Happy days!
  16. R

    Malawi In Brave Move To Cultivate Hemp; Wonder Plant Promises To Be A Hot Commodity

    THE Malawian government has taken a bold step in Africa and is testing the idea of industrial hemp production in the country. It's only the second country in Africa to ever do so. Growing hemp has created contentious debate in Africa where many governments will not even consider its...
  17. A

    Newbie grower starting out on a new adventure

    Hey there folks, my name is Peter, joining me on this adventure is my bo Pieter (yes we have the same names :high-five: ) We are from southern Africa, recently started my greatest adventure since the new year started:thumb: Let me skip the yada yada and get to the questions. Do you...
  18. D

    Hi from South Africa!

    Hi , my name is Deon van Biljon. Im a farmer and do Hydroponic & Aquaponic farming. The farm is in Kalahari region of South Africa , with a warm dry climate & a poor community. My aim is to help the people of this region. Regards Deon
  19. L

    Sawubona from South Africa

    Highhhhh Hello 420 peeps, thanks for having me here. Would love to take part in your african forums and grow forums and will shed some light on african cannabis. Been smoking for a fair amount of time and taken the time to love our local strains. Peace and love. :yummy:
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