1. bluehaleselfie.jpg


    Blue whale Autofem barrel-ponics selfie week10 things are looking up for harvest week.
  2. 20231014_155126.jpg


    blue whale autofem part dose, 10/14/23 seedling now in dual root zone .
  3. 20231014_120258.jpg


    blue whale auto fem part dose seedling started in areogarden 10/08/23.
  4. 20231014_083619.jpg


    blue whale autofem week 9 cola close up trichomes check
  5. 20231014_074732.jpg


    blue whale autofem week 9 main cola,
  6. 20231014_074719[1].jpg


    blue whale autofem stalk, week 9 .
  7. 20231014_074702[1].jpg


    week 9 blue whale aquaponics
  8. 20231011_115020[1].jpg


    aquaponic blue whale auto started 08/08/23
  9. 20231008_123926.jpg


    Aquaponic Blue Whale Auto Fem , week 8 started 08/8/23 estimated date of harvest oct 24-31. starting week 3 of flowering
  10. Johnny Waterfall

    Aquaponics DIY Barrel-Ponics indoor chop n flip set up.

    My grow journal does not have a set up photo section, other than the @VIVOSUN lights, tent an ventalation. it is mostly a DIY system. I started to establish system in May, first making the 55 gallon barrel chop n flip fish tank and horizontal media beds. I live in a small one bedroom apt with...
  11. Johnny Waterfall

    Blue Whale Auto Fem Barrel-Ponics Grow Journal

    this is a DIY sustsainable aquaponics grow, using recycle reduce and reuse prinicples as guidlines. Start Date Aug 8th 2023, harvest estimated date October 22-31 2023. Strain Blue Whale autoflower feminized origin unknown seeds a gift from a friendly. indoor aquaponics (barrel-ponics )...
  12. Johnny Waterfall

    Hola Aquaponic Amigos!

    here to talk aquaponics, current grow is a chop n flip barrel ponics set up with a secondary grow bed in a 3x3 vivosun grow tent. growing blue whale auto flow fem, a gift from a friend unsure of seed breeder. aquaponics fish stock 5, 3-4 inch comet goldfish. feed with omega one pellets. this...
  13. B

    Aquaponics Greenhouse

    I'm helping a close friend who didn't make it as an aquaponics produce grower sell an automated greenhouse. He was seeking only produce growers, which seems like a pretty small market. I suggested that Cannabis growers might be a better option so I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend that...
  14. C

    DWC in fish tank?

    Hi everyone, I only knew about hydroponics for a few days, and I'm totally fond of aquaponics at first sight because I now have like 5 tanks full of fishes and all over 2 years old, so the biofilter should be no problem. But as a newbie I want to make sure to know things carefully before I get...
  15. Blew Hiller

    Aquaponics & Zip Grow Towers

    We use an aquaponics integrated with 5' vertical Zip Grow towers to grow lettuce. I was wondering how dwarf photos would behave in these? Normally, we run the flow 24/7 and the lettuce loves it, plus it is less wear on the pumps, etc. The constant immersion/flow would be detrimental to the...
  16. S


    I have grown in soil inside and outside in the past am kinda hooked on growing by Aquaponics, have anyone tried this method??? :thanks:
  17. dumme

    Dumme's Aquaponic Aeroponic-Soil Adventure

    The name's Aquaponic Dumme, and Aquaponics is the game. Here's My garden:
  18. Katelyn Baker

    CA: Ouroboros Farms To Lead Classes On Aquaponic Cannabis

    During the California Gold Rush, hundreds of thousands of hopeful miners flocked to Northern California, but it was merchants who amassed some of the greatest fortunes in that era by selling dry goods and supplies to the prospectors. Today, few if any of the original 49ers' names are remembered...
  19. Katelyn Baker

    Using Aquaponics To Grow Medical Cannabis

    Where the Landscape, Architecture, and Fish Waste Combine to Produce Medical Marijuana However, one licensed producer of medical cannabis based in Flamborough, Ontario, Canada, certainly has a unique method of growing its plants. Green Relief Inc. is Canada's first facility to use aquaponics...
  20. W

    No! Water changes, expensive nutes, sterile cloning: Aquaponics!

    I am never going back to hydro, I am a lazy, dirty and poor with schedule. Aquaponics have allowed me to have less stress (different stress) and still grow much of what i like. Anyone with experience or questions let us know.
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