autoflowering feminized

  1. Lady G2HM

    Lady G - Seedsman Sponsored Grow - Sweet Coffee Ryder

    Lady G — Sweet Coffee Ryder— Seedsman Sponsored Grow Against Alzheimer's "Seedsman: About Us Our company mission and the aim of all our websites is to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations whilst promoting the need to control and regulate cannabis under a legal framework...
  2. P

    Super skunk auto week 2 of flowering

    This is my super skunk plant in its second week of flowering, is there anything I can do to help it's yeild, it's planted in soil and gets a good 9 hours sun a day
  3. M

    Please help! Can somebody please take a look at her?

    I have this automazar. she has deficiency issue. How can i solve this problem? thank you:thanks:
  4. C

    Is my baby ok?

    I have one auto Russian Haze from Seedsman. She's mainly sativa and I believe she's flowering. She was planted about a month & a half ago. I have her in a 3 gallon fabric pot planted in a coco-coir/perlite mix and I hand water her about once a week (dry topsoil) alternating between water and...
  5. 420brother


    Hello guys, this is my first post so let me introduce myself. I've been a happy stoner for about 4 years now, recently i had some major cash drawbacks (dealing with unreliable sources) and i decided to start growing my own stuff instead of buying whatever i find. I am dealing with chronic pain...