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Coming up on the last few weeks of the red dwarf autoflower grow using the Maxbloom x4plus led. I must say i am happy with the overall outcome with how the strain grew under this light the nuggs are smelling sweet af and sticky to the touch. Looking forward the the sticky dense buds that are produced come harvest time!
Led: Maxbloom x4plus
Medium: cocoloco
Pot size: 5 gal
Nutrients: coldwar organics
Light cycle: 24hr
C02 enhanced with tnb naturals
It has been if fun growing this plant progress seeing it from a tiny little one inch tall seedling to the monster it's become today the Maxbloom x4plus light has been absolutely amazing to grow with and I would highly recommend this light to anybody the light gave the plant explosive vegetative growth and the flowering switch helped pack on the dense buds truly awesome couldn't be more happy with the way she turned out!
Led: Maxbloom x4plus
Nutrients: coldwar organics
Genetics: red dwarf auto buddah seeds
Medium: cocoloco
Potsize:5 gal cannapouch
Co2: TNB naturals
Light hrs:24hrs from seed to harvest


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Just dropping in, Look at that main cola! Well done with the blurple light my friend looks like a healthy plant with a nice size for an autoflower! No doubt the space treated her well with some room to wiggle
I had to actually buy the bigger tent she outgrew the triangle tent I started her in
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