Super skunk auto week 2 of flowering


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This is my super skunk plant in its second week of flowering, is there anything I can do to help it's yeild, it's planted in soil and gets a good 9 hours sun a day
Thanks for the reply, I can't really put it outside as the wind would be too strong for the plant, I was hoping to invest in a lamp maby a few cfls for now but hopefully move onto a hps setup for the next grow, what diet would you recommend for it, thanks
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I think what CannaOg meant by "diet" waa to start feeding it some nutrients, and maybe fill that pot to the top with soil. The bigger the roots, the bigger the fruits. Keep that in mind.

In direct sunlight through a window is not a sufficient amount of light to grow anything where you are concerned with yield. If you can't put it outside (the wind wont hurt it, unless you live in a hurricane) then you'll need to get an indoor light set up in order to produce anything worth the effort. Right now, if it flowers, I'd say you might be looking at 8-12 grams dried.

This is a very informative section of the site that has helped many growers who are starting out.
How to Grow Marijuana - Everything You Need to Know

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