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  1. F

    CFL Auto-Flowering w/ T5 HO Bulbs

    First time posting any Journals, along with first time growing Autoflowering Strains. Hope that I can get some input on what Im doing right and what I may want to change. I will try to keep everyone up to date with new pics and progress. Heres what I have.... Grow Area: 7'x10'x8' W-L-H...
  2. M

    1st Grow-Auto Low2 CFL Cabinet

    1st Grow-auto low2 cfl cabinet
  3. M

    G-13 Labs Poison Dwarf Auto-flowering

    Note: I looked around ALOT on auto-flowering strains for some decent info but can't find much. I plan on buying these seeds & growing them in cheap soil bought from walmart, in a cut open 2 liter bottle, & i plan to setup a fairly strong but small (8x8 in.) florescent light over 4 plants (18...
  4. dollabill1

    Blueryder aka Blue Streak questions

    has anyone grown or smoke some of this strain its and autoflowering plant by mdanzig I think it blueberry x masterlow I know they stay that autoflowers aren't good but im used to shwag 7g for 10 bucks type of stuff any info good or bad will help thanks
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