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So I've been stalking journals left n right on this website and finally decided I should contribute to the wealth of knowledge! at least i hope so lol.. I honestly learned more on this website than anywhere else.. good people, good info, and good vibes everywhere.. So without further adieu, here's what I'm working with:

3 Autoflowering Strains (3 plants total):
Trans Siberian Automatic
La Diva

My setup is a grow tent measuring 2'x4'x5' <-> DxWxH
Medium: Soil FFOF mix, in smart pots (supposed to be good for airing the roots and they're excellent when it comes to drainage).
Nutrients: FF trio, but as I went through many journals on autos, I decided not to start nutrients until the end of week 4.
Ventilation: 450 CFM inline exhaust fan (I know this is too much, but I keep it at 10%-20% power, that way the noise is as low as possible. Fan is connected a big (overkill) carbon air scrubber. My intake is passive vents and has been treating me well so far. Still need to get a small oscillating fan for air circulation on the inside.
Lights: This is funny, the plan was to go with CFL's all the way. How I ended up having numerous CFL's, an HPS (250), and a 300W Led panel, is honestly beyond me lol!! first time excitement? haha.. I'm hoping each type of light will contribute to my final product accordingly. (.. I heard CFL's are good for growth, HPS for dense solid nugs, and LED's for resin (?).. ). Not sure, hoping for the best lol.

Most of the things that I was able to do by myself, I did. I will definitely update with pictures of the setup and the babies (at 9 days old today :D).
My budget was not bad at all, but I had to prioritize spending. So most of my money went into ventilation and lights (the carbon scrubber fits grow rooms 4x the size of mine lol just to be sure). My light spending was mainly on the LED and HPS, as for the CFL's, almost everything is a DIY kinda fixture. I also added a chopped up ebb&flow tray over a DIY wooden stand about 5" above the floor. I added that part so I could water my plants as I wish in the tent, and then they'll just drain onto the tray and down into a container below the tray that's emptied after every watering. (smart pots drain from everywhere)

I almost forgot, one more thing I have in there is an ultrasonic humidifier (sounds fancy but it's just $15), and it's doing a really good job at maintaining a nice and comfy 50%-55%.
My temps are under control at around 78 lights on, and 70 lights off. I had to take the HPS out of the setup for now (not that I need it right now anyway), because I'm waiting on a cool tube I bought online. Even for a small bulb, the HPS surprised me, this thing transforms half of the energy it sucks to heat rather than light lol!

Well, I hope some of you like this little intro, I will update with pictures tonight! (teaser: the plants are doing great! I'm so happy they like their home haha).
Much love to everybody here at 420!
Humidifier doing it's thing chilling by the passive intake

Draining solution

Camouflaged exhaust pushing through carbon air srubber - and by camouflaged i mean i threw a spare bedsheet on top of them :laughtwo: and the air scrubber is in a light fabric dog house on top of the tent..
These pictures were all taken right after their 4 hour sleep. The leaves look a little weak, but they stand in awe when the lights are on :adore: lol!

La Diva, this is day 7 for la diva above soil, she sprouted 2 days after the other two. She was buried about 2 inches deep and it took her some time to break through, and she made it!

AutoBlueberry at day 9

Trans Siberian Automatic at day 9
The lights that have been shining are a set of CFL's all at 6500K for the moment. By the time they grow a little older I will have switched all the smaller cfl's with bigger 65W's (I have them ready). The final CFL count is 10 (2 on each side and 6 along the width), which will be 10 65W CFL's shining at 4000 lumens each. Spectrums will be mixed between 6500K's and 2700K's. I just installed a 300W LED panel over them today and they're loving it! It was a local guy selling his used lights (craigslist), they don't have any brand on them or info, just 100 led lights, 3 fans on back, shining very bright pink/red/blue/white colors. Overall color is definitely more of a pink/red than blue/white.
My final light editing is the HPS that I have prepared. It's a 250W, ready to shine, just waiting for the cooltube to get here.

All input is very welcome and much appreciated :)! Please feel free to criticize and give advice, I learned more from you guys here on 420 than I did anywhere else. :thanks:
This is my first grow, I did my homework on the topic, but I'm still very inexperienced. Thanks for viewing my journal, I hope I get some subs :)!
I noticed some bleaching on the leaves. I raised the LED's further away. Now they're about 1 foot away from the plants.
+ I just put in the HPS (+cool tube). I'm not turning it on for now, the leaves are still a bit sensitive to high intensity lights.
Is there anything I can do to cure/reverse the bleaching on the leaves? Or should I just ignore it and stay away from the LED's until week 3 or so?

I am not that familiar with LED at all. Maybe try a search using LED Bleach as the key words. I have my CFL's within 2" of the seedlings and so far they seem ok. I do not think you can reverse the bleaching but stopping yes. Ill poke around a bit to see what i can find out.

I like your set up seems like a winner. well thought out. That Fan keeps your temps completely under control! The Trans Siberian looks great! Mine is only three days old but is the best looking seedling of the 4. keep updating!
Thanks a lot man :) I'm glad you like the family lol
Yeh I guess it's pretty common with LED's when they're close.. I turned them off for now, I'll turn them back on when the plants have a good leaf structure.. I'm also germinating another three to add, so I guess CFL's are the way to go for the meanwhile. I'm glad you joined me on this :grinjoint:
I've been abiding by the first rule of fight club for my grow :laughtwo:, having people to talk to about my grow on this site is just awesome. I have to let out some of the excitement lol!
I'll keep the updates coming, cheers.
You can notice some LED bleaching on the Trans Siberian. The lowest set of leaves on the Blueberry were also affected. It looks exactly like bleach sprayed on clothes. I'm sure it was the LED's simply because there were no other variables. This happened within 24 hours of turning the LED panel on. It stopped progressing as soon as switched to all CFL. I'll be turning on the hps next week, and the led's when I notice signs of flowering (?). Or maybe week 4? We'll see how it goes. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Are you there LED users?
Awesome looking setup. I am doing the fluorescent and led idea and my babies seem to really like it. My only advice would be to watch for over fert when using ffof. That stuff is super potent and can sometimes be to "hot" for seedling. But other than that you def did your research lol. Good luck keep me posted man
Thanks a lot man :)! I'm planning to wait until week 4 or 5 for the first feeding. You're absolutely right, I noticed A LOT of people nute burned their plants because of FFOF being hot. I will keep updating every other day, thanks for joining :welcome:
Nice girls.:thumb:

I use hps(1-250/400 mh/hps and 3-150 hps's), led(130) and cfl's(20 - 200).
Over the last 3 grows in my tent the led was not used for the grow #2 just hps's.
The buds on grow 2 were not as firm as the other 2 grows.
Something to do with all the red in the led i'm told.
Keep the led 12 to 18 inches from plants.
Nice girls.:thumb:

I use hps(1-250/400 mh/hps and 3-150 hps's), led(130) and cfl's(20 - 200).
Over the last 3 grows in my tent the led was not used for the grow #2 just hps's.
The buds on grow 2 were not as firm as the other 2 grows.
Something to do with all the red in the led i'm told.
Keep the led 12 to 18 inches from plants.

Thanks azcruiser, glad to have you watching my girls with me :)..
I was checking out your first journal, it's great! that super sonic crystal sure took off for an auto :thumb:
The LED's were still burning/bleaching the leaves at 12", I'm gona try to pull them further back till I find the magic spot lol!
Have you ever germinated while having the LED on in the tent? Do you think that would be too intense for baby seed leaves even from over 16"?
:rollit:She was sweet, I want more of that.

I start with small cfl's then switch to mh/hps/led.
I have 3 places inside our condo that I use to grow now, so my lights are all over the place.
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