baby plant

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    White bubble on my baby

    This bubble appeared and I dont know what it is. any thoughts? (I'm a newbie)
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    Abandoned My First Grow, Already Loving It :) How am i doing?

    Hello everyone, First off, I got to say thanks for this awesome site - through following the growers guides and reading the forums I have successfully germinated my White Diesel feminized seeds and they are now in some sterilized soil :thanks: I'm completely new to this and wanted to get...
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    Do i have enough? if not how much more

    i have a small fishtank as a temporary grow space, its about 2 feet wide by 1 feet long and 1.5 ft tall. i have 3 26 watt cfls on the "roof" of the tank with a fan pushing air in one of the top vents and another top vent having air come out. the walls are fully covered with white paper at the...
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    Just a quick question :)

    so my plants are about weeks old, but after i trasfered them from outside to inside with lights, they stoped growing for about 3-4 days, im guessing this is the "stress" ppl talk about, so they are more of a 1.5 week size? but they have 1 pair of "jagged" edged leaves, and under those 1 pair of...
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