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  1. Maelasae

    Hydrogen Peroxide for root stimulation and mold control?

    Is this an actual tip that works? I googled it, seems as though it helps with web-looking mold growth around the base of the plants and keeping the roots healthy, is this true? Also, what is the mold growing around the rim of my pots? I've been cleaning it up every time I see it, so I haven't...
  2. S

    White bubble on my baby

    This bubble appeared and I dont know what it is. any thoughts? (I'm a newbie)
  3. F

    My First Grow, Already Loving It :) How am i doing?

    Hello everyone, First off, I got to say thanks for this awesome site - through following the growers guides and reading the forums I have successfully germinated my White Diesel feminized seeds and they are now in some sterilized soil :thanks: I'm completely new to this and wanted to get...
  4. W

    Do i have enough? if not how much more

    i have a small fishtank as a temporary grow space, its about 2 feet wide by 1 feet long and 1.5 ft tall. i have 3 26 watt cfls on the "roof" of the tank with a fan pushing air in one of the top vents and another top vent having air come out. the walls are fully covered with white paper at the...
  5. W

    Just a quick question :)

    so my plants are about weeks old, but after i trasfered them from outside to inside with lights, they stoped growing for about 3-4 days, im guessing this is the "stress" ppl talk about, so they are more of a 1.5 week size? but they have 1 pair of "jagged" edged leaves, and under those 1 pair of...
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