Do i have enough? if not how much more


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i have a small fishtank as a temporary grow space, its about 2 feet wide by 1 feet long and 1.5 ft tall. i have 3 26 watt cfls on the "roof" of the tank with a fan pushing air in one of the top vents and another top vent having air come out. the walls are fully covered with white paper at the moment. there is TWO small 1-2 week old plants growing in it, do i have enough light??
yes you do keep them there and read and read and read. good luck will be watching you read.:welcome:
ok thank you, i just went to home depot and got a dual light fixture, so now i have 4 in there, i was gonna make it 6 but the fixture wont fit into the two built light slots. also, i changed for 3 26 soft white cfls to 4 23 watt daylight cfls, heard they are better so im willing to sacrifice the 3 watts on each bulb. all are 100 watt equivelents
nevermind, one of the daylights broke during instilation haha, they r more fragile then they look, i was holding the glass and screwing it in and one of the spirales broke...... so im usuing 3 23 watt daylights and 1 26 watt softwhite
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