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    CFL's in position.JPG

  2. rock49911

    Need advice please - I have $500 for lighting - What's better LED or T8?

    How should I invest for lighting? I have $500 I want to spend. LED or T8 grow? For 12 plants in a closet. Nu Bee old man. :thanks: Want to grow the best genetics I am able to. Recommended brands for lights? What do you think of DIY for LED lights? Thank you for your input.
  3. Stunned

    Greetz all

    Looks like a great community. Have already started my first grow 1 X Granddaddy Purp 1 X Girl Scout Cookies growing in pure coco Nutes General Hydro Performance Pack with sup calmag and Adv Nut Bud Factor X Lighting Vipar Spectra Reflector 600 Watt I know I'll have lots of questions Cheers
  4. M

    New grower for self medical

    I have grown in mirale grow moisture control soil with nute already in the soil for six months gro. under cfl lighting ten different times . but only had about 1oz. dry weight from each plant the buds just never were big. I now have a viva spectra 700 par and a 4x4 gro tent have not started this...
  5. B

    First Grow Flowering Stage

    I'm 16 days into flowering I have 7 23 watt cfls 2700k 5 up top and 2 as side lighting I use b'Cuzz pk13 14 and bloom one plant 1Ft 6 inches tall
  6. D

    What kind of lighting do I need

    Hi Guys, newby here, I'm setting up a 1m x2m x1.8 tent I will be having 6 plants in it and not sure what type of lighting to go for, I've read that much about lighting that my head is spinning. I'd prefer to use something that is economical if possible but will go with your recommendations...
  7. curley wurley

    Airy Cindy 99

    Not sure what happened...guessing it was a lighting issue? 24 hours of light during the vegetative stage...sun during the day and fluorescent lighting at night. Flowering for 55 days. When harvest time came around the nugs were thick/dense. But after drying and curing I ended up with airy...
  8. H

    It's That Time Of Year

    I have worked in the outdoor lighting industry for over 20 years and it's the slow time of the year for lighting suppliers / distributors. Add in the fact that most of the manufacturers are phasing out 'last years' lights for new and improved ones. I'm not saying this is a certainty but I...
  9. O

    CMH lighting

    Just finishing up with my 6'x8' grow room and will be needing to set up my grow system. wondering what everyones thought are on CMH lighting compared to HPS?
  10. K.puff&stuff

    10x15 feet grow room

    Hello anyone have a 10x 15 or bigger grow room? If so whats your set up when it come to lighting I don't want to use hps need to save energy. Thanks
  11. S

    Growing problems

    I have been growing hydroponically for a couple of years now and I just can't produce enough product to last until my next batch is ready. I usually have 4 plants ( clones ) going. My grow room is a 4x5 ft. closet. I use 2 - 9" x 16" LED 300 watt, 50/60 Hz lights,. I use technaflora plant food...
  12. T

    Lighting Concerns For My First Grow

    Good Day to You All; Unfortunately it was late in the spring when I decided to give this a try. I purchased feminized seeds online and germinated them in the prescribed manner. Due to my inexperience I managed to get one seedling planted indoors (the one pictured above) and one outside. I will...
  13. T

    My First Grow

    Good Day to You All; I used feminized seeds which were purchased online. They were germinated in the prescribed manner. Due to my inexperience I managed to get one seedling planted indoors (the one pictured above) and one outside. I will post about the one girl "indoors" which is actually in my...
  14. F

    Lighting help

    Hiya So I have a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 tent and have a 600 watt hps light. When purchasing my gear I never realized how much it would cost to run the lights. For me it's a bit costly and would like a lot of help on what lights would be more cost effective. I've been looking into cfl lamps...
  15. J

    Beginner lighting

    I already own a 600w HPS dual and a 200w blue cfl, started using the cfl but the three seedling I started have all bent and one just fell over and died. I didn't have a reflector for the cfl which I have now ordered, but I'm considering buying another 200w and reflector. The tent is 1.2 x...
  16. Apbeast87

    Lighting information

    Hey everyone, New member/grower here. I'm attempting to research information on different lighting systems right now, and everything is a bit murky and clouded. With different sources all pointing to different routes. I have an 8x8x7 grow area, with 4x8 going to need to be covered for...
  17. J

    LED question?

    Hi all, I have tried this question in the lighting forum with no avail, so I wanted to try here. I have 2 mars hydro reflector series right now. I am looking to add some supplemental lighting. Can a person use a 4ft led type lamp like you would hang in your garage? I wasn't sure about the...
  18. InTheShed

    Ok to keep moving outdoor autoflowers indoors for more light?

    I'm in southern California and we get "June Gloom" here, where we can get overcast skies much of the day for much of the month. I had a brilliant idea to bring the autoflower plants inside at night under CFLs so that they didn't feel light-deprived. I have read varying opinions on whether...
  19. S

    Ventilation tent size and lighting help

    Hello everyone. This is my first ever time on a forum so I apologise if I upset anyone. I have a 2x2x5 grow tent 250w mh and hps bulbs 4 inch fan at 105 m3/h on side of a cool tube 4 inch fan at 105m3/h connected to 4 inch carbon filter (suspended from tent) 2 x 6 inch clip on fans...
  20. N

    First time grower - Lighting question!

    Hi there! I am a first-time grower! I've got a question about my lighting set-up! I currently have 4 plants in the veg stage. I was gifted them about 3-4 months ago when they were around 7-8 inches. They are around 2 ft tall now. I'm currently running an Agrobrite fluorescent light with 50% of...