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  1. Jonny Fly

    When to replace your HPS bulbs

    I'm not sure when it's time to replace my HPS bulb. I traded a guy a bunch of grow light equipment for some cuttings. Some of the bulbs were obviously used and some appear to be new or at least used slightly. It's easy to tell when to replace a MH bulb, the ark chamber gets blackened. In the...
  2. DarionOzb

    To defoliate, or not defoliate? That is the question

    Sup everyone? Hope everyone’s doing alright nd stayin safe Here’s a little update on my last post, sorry it took so long. Im about 3 weeks into flower I believe , and I was jw if I should defoliate or not? I know my lighting is horrible, sorry about tht. Trying to save for another one of what I...
  3. V

    Newbie planning on building micro nano grow box

    Hello guys, I'm newbie here, I've read a lot of stuff about growing. And decided to test it by myself. The only problem I have is space... So I want to make it stealthy as possible (quiet, no smell, easy to access) and as cheap as possible. I'm planning on using 30x35x75 cm box (1'x1'x2,5' ?)...
  4. The Physicist

    315W LEC vs 300 HLG Quantum Board

    Nebula Haze completed her 300 HLG QB vs 4000k Hortilux Bulb (Vertical Alignment) and results are below: Note: shes admits that no defoliating was done and therefore the LEC lower buds were mostly thrown into trim and that reduced the weight, which also in turn makes smaller buds and lower THC...
  5. W

    Bonsai light requirements: strictly decorative

    Does anyone know how much light a little bonsai cannabis, a bonnabis will require? We are trying to spruce up the office with a terrarium.
  6. DarionOzb

    How Many Watts Am I Actually Using?

    Hello everyone. I was just curious about how many watts Im actually getting out of my Gixer LED light. It says its 600w, with blue and red lights. But it only has two switches for the light settings. One for Bloom and one for Veg. During Veg I rocked both just to get the most light. But now...
  7. she's bumbed about nutes n i forget.

    she's bumbed about nutes n i forget.

    oh, rh went up, with 3rd light. some, like it... some, got "FINE"... sigh. we'll c.
  8. hydro91

    Lighting solution: Quantum board LED's vs manufacturer LED grow lights

    Dear 420magazine community, After quite some time away and contemplating a lighting solution I'm stuck with a lighting solution I should choose. Looking for pro's and con's of the following lighting solutions. Manufacturer LED grow lights (Black dog, Mars hydro, California lightworks ect)...
  9. L

    Building a fixture with 5w Bridgelux 45mil chips.

    Hi everyone, I am going to build an LED fixture consisting of 5w chips. These 5w chips contain 2x2 45mil diodes. Each one of these diodes, if packaged individually, are sold as 3w chips because they are rated at 700mA (3.4v X 700 = 2.4w). In a 5w (2x2) package, they are also rated at 700mA...
  10. misfits666

    Mixing ordinary LED bulbs with red & blue lights

    hello for all of you fantastic grower.. hope everything's doing extremely fine today... ✌️❤️ i'm noob and i do DiY project for lighting. using ordinary 10 watt led cool daylight bulbs (>80 CRi) + 10 watt led red and blue light. this things very bright for me, but i don't have idea for plants...
  11. jonnywatt

    Cannabis Lighting Is My Thing

    Hi, I used to post here but haven't in quite some time. I have seen lives saved, including family members, by cannabis and its derivatives. For the past 12 years, I have dedicated what little brainpower I have left to research and development of cannabis (and now hemp) lighting. I am really...
  12. M

    Used equipment, is it safe?

    First time using HID lighting. Just picked up a reflector, 600w MH lamp, and Apollo 600 ballast to replace my T5 setup. Hooked it all up, fired the light with no issue. On closer inspection, the ballast (model # uhps-d600) doesnt specifically say it can run MH lamps. Ballast is making a high...
  13. hydro91

    LED solution recommendation to suit 5x5 grow tent

    Dear 420 magazine, Looking to get the most out of the plants that'll be going inside my 5x5 grow tent but I'm stuck on how many LED's I should place within the grow tent. I have a relatively decent background in growing but with this new LED light technology I thought I'd give a try there's...
  14. T

    Lighting for clones

    I am a beginner grower working on a small closet grow. I received some trimmings from a friend which have been under the dome for a week now. My main concern is in the lighting. I'm not sure if it's sufficient lighting and if it is how long until I will need to upgrade? I have 8 clones which...
  15. Cannacaps4U2

    First indoor grow

    New grower here. Just a bit of history. I have been using cannabis medically for a year, best method I have found is by making my own cannacaps. (Coconut oil infused weed in 00 size capsules) For economic as well as consistency reasons I have decided to grow my own. I live in rural southern...
  16. CFL's in position.JPG

    CFL's in position.JPG

  17. rock49911

    Need advice please - I have $500 for lighting - What's better LED or T8?

    How should I invest for lighting? I have $500 I want to spend. LED or T8 grow? For 12 plants in a closet. Nu Bee old man. :thanks: Want to grow the best genetics I am able to. Recommended brands for lights? What do you think of DIY for LED lights? Thank you for your input.
  18. Stunned

    Greetz all

    Looks like a great community. Have already started my first grow 1 X Granddaddy Purp 1 X Girl Scout Cookies growing in pure coco Nutes General Hydro Performance Pack with sup calmag and Adv Nut Bud Factor X Lighting Vipar Spectra Reflector 600 Watt I know I'll have lots of questions Cheers
  19. M

    New grower for self medical

    I have grown in mirale grow moisture control soil with nute already in the soil for six months gro. under cfl lighting ten different times . but only had about 1oz. dry weight from each plant the buds just never were big. I now have a viva spectra 700 par and a 4x4 gro tent have not started this...
  20. B

    First Grow Flowering Stage

    I'm 16 days into flowering I have 7 23 watt cfls 2700k 5 up top and 2 as side lighting I use b'Cuzz pk13 14 and bloom one plant 1Ft 6 inches tall
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