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  1. Teleon

    Don't Panic, It's Organic! Jump In Everytime

    Hey :welcome: Here is my first grow and my first report, I hope u will enjoy! :yahoo: I wanted to do this since years, but never had enough time to do it - now I have the time and I'm very excited to see them grow. And if u will notice, I'm no native english speaking person - so forgive me...
  2. TriangleCheese

    Trianglecheese's HPS Organic Garden With 2x Pineapple Chunk Barney's Farm

    Gretings 420 community; I am glad to say that I have switched to organics for my next grow. I decided to do that simply because I don't need oversized yields anymore. I am looking for the best taste with the possible maximum potency. I decided to grow one of my favourite strains, which is...

    The Girl Who Drank The Moon

  4. nobodyhere

    Nobody's COB Perpetual: Various Strains & Some Edible Fun At Times In A Tiny Tent

    AK47 (A) - Day 56 White Widow (PFem) - Day 19 HSO Raspberry Diesel - in soil, doubtful HSO og kush (A) - soak Now Playing - Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime I really dislike TV (never really had one growing up) and I don't really admire the lifestyle of those who need 4 hours of fox or cnn...
  5. 7A370687-2859-40C3-8DCC-233983705DC6.jpeg


    Peyote Cookie #1 Beauty
  6. George from The Vault

    The Vault Crazy Christmas Promo 2017 - 300 Free Seeds And More

    Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year to all our customers from #TEAMVAULT We are super stoked to announce our Christmas discount code CHRISTMAS15 is live now, right up until the 2nd of Jan giving you 15% off all orders. But, that's not all. We have teamed up with the legendary...
  7. M

    MusicB's - Vanilla Kush - DWC - Grow

    1st hydroponic grow -Deep water culture system -Five gallon bucket (reservoir) -Technaflora nutrients -Mars Hydro 144X5 Reflector (310 watts) Hello everybody. Today is the 64th day of Veg for my Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush (Afghan X Kashmir lineage). I will most likely be switching...
  8. S

    Auto Fem Northern Lights Barney's Grape. Advice For Best Possible Grow

    Hey i have just purchased some auto fem seeds, northern lights and barneys grape just wanted some advice/info? Best lighting schedule,6500k for whole grow or switch t0 2700k for flowering when to start fertilizing,Soil; fertilizer enriched or plain potting mix and any other advice to get the...
  9. SwissCheese79

    SwissCheese79's Soil Barney's Tangerine Dream - Lucy Grow T5/600W HPS

    Hello all this is my first attemt at a grow journal. I decided to start one because I enjoy reading and learning from member's journals and I would like to contribute as well. Enjoy! The Tangerine Dream is from a seed and the Lucy's are clones. What strain is it? Tangerine Dream and...
  10. S

    Slimm's Urban Hang Suite

    Ganga: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the slimm. His mission: to explore strange new strains, to seek out new phenotypes and new cultivation methods, to boldly go where no cannabis grower has gone before. A bit dramatic? Maybe. :rollit: My First Grow This was largely a haphazard...
  11. G

    Utopian Submarine - 2000W, Indoor, Perpetual

    :welcome: Gonna do a perpetual grow in an 8x5x8 converted bathroom. When its up and running, the goal is to have the following going simultaneously: 6-12 clones or seeds - Rockwool for 1-2 weeks 6-11 veg - Rockwool for 2-3 weeks 6-8 early flower - 2.5G Grodan for 3-6 weeks 6-8 late flower -...
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