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    Peyote Critical flip +40
  2. mcren

    Mc Ren 600w Grow Tent Barneys Farm & GHS Genetics

    hi every , hope you all doin well , lm still curing in jars with some amazing buds from last harvest. was very happy with the results for the size and effort and budget, also the fact of using bag seeds. the smoke is amazing. organic as expected! pics and more on prev journal! was a bit busy...
  3. Barney's Farm

    Come And See Barney's Farm At Spannabis 2019!

    ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO :yahoo: THE 7TH EDITION OF ONE OF THE BIGGEST AND BEST CANNABIS EXPOS THERE IS! KICKS OFF & RUNS FROM 15th March - 17th March! Please see link to find out more! ! Spannabis Barcelona 15/03/2019 - 17/03/2019 | Barneys Events
  4. ProfessorFlora

    Barneys Farm Sponsors Grow: Gorilla Zkittles, Orange Sherbert Plus Many More

    WELCOME TO PROFESSORFLORA'S BARNEYS FARM GROW :55::cheer::yahoo::green_heart::yahoo::cheer::55: Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you all to my new journal in which we will be growing everything Barneys. Ive been fortunate and have been gifted some seeds by @Barneys Farm Official which I...
  5. Teleon

    Don't Panic, It's Organic! Jump In Everytime

    Hey :welcome: Here is my first grow and my first report, I hope u will enjoy! :yahoo: I wanted to do this since years, but never had enough time to do it - now I have the time and I'm very excited to see them grow. And if u will notice, I'm no native english speaking person - so forgive me...
  6. TriangleCheese

    Trianglecheese's HPS Organic Garden With 2x Pineapple Chunk Barney's Farm

    Gretings 420 community; I am glad to say that I have switched to organics for my next grow. I decided to do that simply because I don't need oversized yields anymore. I am looking for the best taste with the possible maximum potency. I decided to grow one of my favourite strains, which is...

    The Girl Who Drank The Moon

  8. nobodyhere

    Nobody's COB Perpetual: Various Strains & Some Edible Fun At Times In A Tiny Tent

    AK47 (A) - Day 56 White Widow (PFem) - Day 19 HSO Raspberry Diesel - in soil, doubtful HSO og kush (A) - soak Now Playing - Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime I really dislike TV (never really had one growing up) and I don't really admire the lifestyle of those who need 4 hours of fox or cnn...
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    Peyote Cookie #1 Beauty
  10. George from The Vault

    The Vault Crazy Christmas Promo 2017 - 300 Free Seeds And More

    Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year to all our customers from #TEAMVAULT We are super stoked to announce our Christmas discount code CHRISTMAS15 is live now, right up until the 2nd of Jan giving you 15% off all orders. But, that's not all. We have teamed up with the legendary...
  11. M

    MusicB's - Vanilla Kush - DWC - Grow

    1st hydroponic grow -Deep water culture system -Five gallon bucket (reservoir) -Technaflora nutrients -Mars Hydro 144X5 Reflector (310 watts) Hello everybody. Today is the 64th day of Veg for my Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush (Afghan X Kashmir lineage). I will most likely be switching...
  12. S

    Auto Fem Northern Lights Barney's Grape. Advice For Best Possible Grow

    Hey i have just purchased some auto fem seeds, northern lights and barneys grape just wanted some advice/info? Best lighting schedule,6500k for whole grow or switch t0 2700k for flowering when to start fertilizing,Soil; fertilizer enriched or plain potting mix and any other advice to get the...
  13. SwissCheese79

    SwissCheese79's Soil Barney's Tangerine Dream - Lucy Grow T5/600W HPS

    Hello all this is my first attemt at a grow journal. I decided to start one because I enjoy reading and learning from member's journals and I would like to contribute as well. Enjoy! The Tangerine Dream is from a seed and the Lucy's are clones. What strain is it? Tangerine Dream and...
  14. S

    Slimm's Urban Hang Suite

    Ganga: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the slimm. His mission: to explore strange new strains, to seek out new phenotypes and new cultivation methods, to boldly go where no cannabis grower has gone before. A bit dramatic? Maybe. :rollit: My First Grow This was largely a haphazard...
  15. G

    Utopian Submarine - 2000W, Indoor, Perpetual

    :welcome: Gonna do a perpetual grow in an 8x5x8 converted bathroom. When its up and running, the goal is to have the following going simultaneously: 6-12 clones or seeds - Rockwool for 1-2 weeks 6-11 veg - Rockwool for 2-3 weeks 6-8 early flower - 2.5G Grodan for 3-6 weeks 6-8 late flower -...
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