1. Jedward

    Hydrosoil: Bluedream & Super Skunk Auto Grow Journal 2019

    Strain- Pheno bluedream & super skunk auto Vegging for 5 weeks now Indoor Soil and hydro combination Soil type 100% fox farm 3.5gallon bucket Hi-grow 1000watt LED full spectrum 3 quite fans built into light for optimal cooling Room temp average 84 RH average 36% Fox farm naturally PH balances...
  2. Curious' Blue Dream

    Curious' Blue Dream

    Day 39 flower 2018
  3. HSO Blue Dream.jpeg

    HSO Blue Dream.jpeg

    Growing in Doc Bud’s High Brix Blend
  4. E1827E97-BB8F-4535-9D13-39B1DFEC524F.jpeg


    @Guy Cavallero transplant completed
  5. 1AAE6078-0465-4903-9B89-8FC3CFA98740.jpeg


    Like this so something you would do ? Lol
  6. Cynderella

    Help! Nutes Burned my Girl Scout Cookie?

    Hey Family, My first post on this site, looking for an assist. Picked up my clones 3 days ago, gave them a light watering day 1 and 1/2 dose of Fox Farm Grow big on Day 2, nothing so far today (day 3). I have 3 Blue Dream and 3 Girl Scout Cookies going and the BD took the nutes GREAT and...
  7. A

    Airpack - Outdoor - Blue Dream - 2016

    This is SWIM's first grow, started seeds (4/17/16) with water cup saturation method for about 4 days then moved to solo cups (4/22/16) , they are now almost 3 weeks old now (it is now 5/12/16) and have been run on a 17/7 schedule with blue spectrum "grow lights" plan on moving them outdoor when...
  8. B

    I came home to a late Christmas present from a friend in California

    :thumb::thumb: My friend got me this shirt
  9. U

    UncleBadTouch First Grow Journal March 2013

    :welcome: Right of the bat, I didn't have much growing experience to start with, nor saw myself growing in the mere future (Unless we got a weed crisis going on). I did always had a huge curiosity when it came to cannabis. I was first introduced to the magical plant a while back during my...
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