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  1. Curious' Blue Dream

    Curious' Blue Dream

    Day 39 flower 2018
  2. HSO Blue Dream.jpeg

    HSO Blue Dream.jpeg

    Growing in Doc Bud’s High Brix Blend
  3. E1827E97-BB8F-4535-9D13-39B1DFEC524F.jpeg


    @[286542:@Guy Cavallero] transplant completed
  4. 1AAE6078-0465-4903-9B89-8FC3CFA98740.jpeg


    Like this so something you would do ? Lol
  5. Cynderella

    Help! Nutes Burned my Girl Scout Cookie?

    Hey Family, My first post on this site, looking for an assist. Picked up my clones 3 days ago, gave them a light watering day 1 and 1/2 dose of Fox Farm Grow big on Day 2, nothing so far today (day 3). I have 3 Blue Dream and 3 Girl Scout Cookies going and the BD took the nutes GREAT and...
  6. A

    Airpack - Outdoor - Blue Dream - 2016

    This is SWIM's first grow, started seeds (4/17/16) with water cup saturation method for about 4 days then moved to solo cups (4/22/16) , they are now almost 3 weeks old now (it is now 5/12/16) and have been run on a 17/7 schedule with blue spectrum "grow lights" plan on moving them outdoor when...
  7. B

    I came home to a late Christmas present from a friend in California

    :thumb::thumb: My friend got me this shirt
  8. U

    UncleBadTouch First Grow Journal March 2013

    :welcome: Right of the bat, I didn't have much growing experience to start with, nor saw myself growing in the mere future (Unless we got a weed crisis going on). I did always had a huge curiosity when it came to cannabis. I was first introduced to the magical plant a while back during my...