1. G

    Abandoned 2nd Grow - 130W LED - 2 Autos - Low Cost Micro

    1 Baby Boom Auto - Kannabia seeds 1 B. Lee Auto - Kannabia seeds Soil - Compo universal soil Nutes - Regular Fert, NPK 3-6-7 Lights - 130W LED UFO . 78 Red 33 Blue 10 White 6 IR 5 UV Couple of hours of sunlight when possible Location - Portugal Starting date - 03-11-2016 (B...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    Growing Legal Marijuana Sales In The United States Bigger Than Internet Boom

    The reasons to oppose decriminalizing marijuana are becoming fewer and fewer by the day. The war on drugs, specifically marijuana, is coming to an end sooner rather than later, and it's all thanks to statistics like this one. According to Forbes, new statistics show that North America's legal...
  3. S

    Help needed in diagnosis please

    Hi guys and girls, I hope your all having a nice weekend so far? I have a problem with yellowing leaves (again) I not sure what I am perhaps doing wrong or what I am lacking in feeding the girls and could really do with some advice or pointers Some Info first. 400w HPS Soil - Plant magic...
  4. T

    Temperature, humidity, closeness to lamp

    So a blanket of tiny issues hath bequeathed me. Temperature are usually around 28c directly under the light at the canopy height I have never measure the room temp is this where I should be measuring? The reason I ask is because the heat from the lamp is nowhere near burning my hand its kinda...
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