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  1. Damages


  2. Ian Bastage

    Broken Coast Ruxton 3 - Sour OG

    Strain Name — Ruxton 3 (sour OG) From — Broken Coast Cannabis When — 11/17 Price - $9.25 per gram Type — Sativa Dominant (70/30) 22.8% THC <0.04% CBD Appearance —Some big fat buds that barely fit into the jar. Cured very well. Dry but sticky & it hydrates after it has been out of the...
  3. Ian Bastage

    Star Killer From Broken Coast

    Strain Name – Star Killer Genetics - Skywalker OG x Rare Dankness #2 From – Broken Coast Cannabis (Batch 2350300117) When – 9/17 Price - $8.75 per gram Type – Indica Dominant (70/30) 22.7% THC <0.04% CBD Appearance –Big sticky bugs. Nicely cured – dry & fluffy. Smell – Tart citrus piney Indica...
  4. Ian Bastage

    Broken Coast Savary Pink Kush

    Strain Name — Savary (Pink Kush) From — Broken Coast Cannabis When — 9/17 Price - $8.50 per gram Type — Indica Dominant (70/20) 20.4% THC <0.04% CBD Appearance —Big sticky buds including a monster bud that barely fit into the jar with visible trichomes. Moist yet dry — wonderful. Smell —...
  5. Ron Strider

    Canada: Ladysmith Medical Marijuana Firm Issues Recall Over Chemicals In Cannabis

    A Ladysmith-based medical-marijuana producer is recalling dried cannabis after tests found pesticides in some samples. Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd. is recalling three batches of marijuana sold between July and December 2016. The recall notice says no patients have reported getting sick from...
  6. B

    Broken stem

    Would love to know I have started 2 candy kush plants that got leggy. I decided to add more dirt around the stems and added better circulation and one completely fell over and snapped the stem. I figured for shits and giggles I would just repot the broken stem and it rooted and started growing...
  7. G

    I need help - My girl is dying

    The leaf color changes and the leaves are broken. What's the problem? help.please flowering 30days indoor soil 780w
  8. C

    Broken plant?

    Trying to main line my plant. I topped it already and let the 2 new stems grow out out of the main one. When I finally thought they were good to bend, they split at the seam on the bottom a little bit. Where the new stems connect to the original. Will it Repair itself or did I mess up my plant.
  9. D

    Help! I totally messed up! Broken plant

    Yeah I'm so stupid !!! I tied down my plant (Blueberry Auto)nice and easy . Well I guess the bending was too much for my girl and 100 percent snapped in half . Clean break totally off . I'm so pissed ! I tried to tape it back on . But you can see instantly in a snap of my fingers that broken...
  10. S

    Repairing broken stems with straws

    Hi! I had to find a trick to repair a few broken stems (death by yoyo!). It is in my grow journal but I thought i could share it here too. Using straws to repair broken stems ========================= - Take a straw and cut small section of the length of the stem you need to repair, then cut...
  11. M

    I broke a branch - What should I do? Urgent!

    Hello, I was fixing the lights when they dropped on my plant :'-( She's a female, 4 week into flowering after veging for 10 weeks, and this is my first grow :( couple of fan leaves snapped, and one branch broke, but it still handing from the main stem. (pix attached) I'm freaking out...
  12. B

    Help - Slow growth and broken cotyledon

    hi, i just started on the growing process..i have one seed that has sprouted. (No idea why the rest failed). On the one, i think the shell stuck while germination (it took a long time to break off the shell actually)and thus now it has a broken cotyledon. With a brown scar and facing down...
  13. T

    Possible Root decay on an otherwise healthy plant. Help and suggestions appreciated

    Hey everyone, first I am going to give a little back story into our issue here. When we began growing this guy he was simply in an Aerogarden with NO pump as the back arm was broken and the connectors were shot. So we needed to wait from 1-15 through 1-28 before it was getting the air pump...
  14. D

    How long to heal a broken branch?

    heres the deal.... about a month ago i topped all my plants to create 2 colas instead of 1. today i was bending the branches down when 1 of my top branches snapped about 60%-75% thru all the way down at the main stem.... so im gonna refrain from bending that set of branches for now but how long...
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