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    First grow with autoflower - White Widow strain with brown spots

    This plant started to shows signs about 4-5 days ago and have used Milk and water mixture and neem was sprayed on leaves about 10 days ago. Tempurature is at 74 with 700 par light and humidity at 50-55% Appears to me to be mold or fungus IMO but I found this bug on it and was wondering if that...
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    Yellow tips & weird spots on leaves

    Soil: Biobizz light mix Nutrients: Biobizz grow 1ml/L and Biobizz calmag .5ml/L. (The older plant gets 2ml/L grow) 150W Led (TS1000) PH of water 6.8 Humdity is at 50-60% I feed/water every 3or4 days or so 1Liter per plant. (Basically whenever the soil on the top is dry) Hey, this is my first...
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    Help! Leaves curling down and becoming crispy

    I’m growing an Auto Glueberry plant, I honestly don’t remember how old she is but she’s between 60-90 days old. Hasn’t started flowering yet. 1 LED light (1000W ?) grow room 5 x 4 x 2. Soil: promix Gluey is getting too tall for her tent. Kinda worried now.
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    Help: Leaves Curling Up & Brown Spots

    Hey guys, i’m New here, i’m Growing 3 critical autos and one of them have a leaf problem that I can’t find what it is, i’m In week 3 of flower and the plant top leafs start curling up and the edges becomes brown with some brown spots, I don’t know what to do.. please help me Temps a 24/28...
  5. Q

    Identify my issue

    First pic: just noticed issue. 2nd pic: 2 days later. Current culture Nutrients Feed 1 time a week Deep water culture Temp 68 F PH 6.2 stable EC .35 2nd week of nutrient cycle Magnesium deficiency??? Epsom salt Foliar spray
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    6wk Auto, yellow leaves and brown spots (new grower need help!)

    Hi all, quite a newbie to growing. Have 4 auto flowers growing in a Wilma plant pot system in a 120 tent set up. 3 are Blue Kush Auto and one is Auto Sour Melon all just over 6weeks old and have started flowering. Plants are a bit stunted due to trial and error. 600w lights on 24/0. Currently...
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    Please help - New grower - Dark brown spots spreading on my DWC plant leaves

    Please Help!! First grow and cannot find a suitable example anywhere to help me with my diagnosis of what's wrong here. It has now spread to my bigger plant and very visible over quite a few leaves. Any help with suggestions and remedies appreciated and happy to answer any questions ect. Cheers...
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    Manganese deficiency?

    Hello fellow farmers, Today is day 56 of my Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering and buds are looking nice but these brown leaves and spots are really worring me... I haven't found them in older leaves, only in the new ones... Thats why I believe these could be a Manganese...
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    Please diagnose this plant - I really need help - First grow - Thank you

    Guy i need some help!!!! can someone tell me what i have to do too these two plants? any feed back would be highly appreciated, thank you very much.
  10. C

    Help! Brown spots, curly leaves and it is spreading

    Hello everyone, Please help! My plants are sick and I have no idea what is wrong with them...I'm growing is not in flowering stage yet but will be in no later than 3 weeks from now... i have brown spots all over the leaves, they are curling downside and its spreading. I noticed a...
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    Cannabis deficiency questions

    Alright so this is my first grow and my plant is about 3 weeks into veg and I have these brown dots and brown spots on the leaves. I water every other day, every two waters I add nutes to the soil. I have tested my ph and its 7.0 (which is a bit high and in optimum range from what I know) so...
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    Dead looking Brown spots on my leaves

    Hi I'm on my First grow and I getting some Brown spots on my leaves that look like dead spots. I'm growing BCBUDS animal cookies and I'm 30 days into flower after a 3 month veg. I'm using advanced nutrients jungle juice 2 part bloom nutrients. I'm doing 3 tsp each part per gallon of water and...
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    Help - Clones & Seedling have Curling Leaves, Yellow outlines, and Brown Spots

    Hi guys, This is my first grow and I have been pretty lucky so far. I had a few issues early on but was able to correct them and now I have a new set of issues. I have a Mom plant (I think the strain is C4, unsure of age as we bought from a despensary), 5 large clones (from the mom...
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    Brown spots?

    Im getting these brown spots on my ladies? Can someone help me. This is happening in both my flower room and my veg room these r a mixof clones and seed grown plants from a seedbank suposedly to be the godbud temps in the70s rh in 40s mix of pro mix grow stones an ocean mix soil. Im using roots...
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    Help a first-time grower girl!

    Growing indoor in a cabinet, good ventilation, 1 month old plants in miracle gro organic mix with lightly pre-fertilized SCOTT's perlite added to the mix. fertilizer: No fertilizer has been used yet. pH: between 7 and 7.3 Light: 400w MH Temp: 77 to 82F Water: I spray a pH neutral tap water with...
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    a helping hand, please? yellow leaves, brown spots, curling leaves

    Hello everyone! :D I'm in need of a piece of advice for helping my plant friends here get along and be happy :) Now, I have to say I'm new to doing this so I appreciate your patience.'s kind of weird asking for patience in this forum, actually. I think it's included in the membership...
  17. K

    Help! 1st Time Hydro Grow, Cool Cab, Yellow Leaves & Brown Spots, Pics

    Hi All, I'm new here, and new to growing, bought a Cool Cab hydroponics setup and have one plant (unknown bag seed) about a month old and other seeds are about two weeks old. The problem is that all of my plants are getting yellow leaves and brown spots and while there is also healthy...
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