1. Only 2 weeks into flower and she is already looking frosty.

    Only 2 weeks into flower and she is already looking frosty.

  2. Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    6 weeks 2 days flower
  3. Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    Build it and they will come. The field of dreams ;)
  4. C

    Do not do this at home!

    Ever seen a grown man cry? I still can't believe what I have just done. I deserve to be shot at dawn. In a nutshell:- I started my grow of nine plants last june. After many mistakes I at least managed to get 14 Litre sized jars full of lovely dried and cured buds (4 were trimmings...
  5. Stunned

    Organic molasses for the last 3 weeks

    I'v seen this floated by more than one person. Anyone chime in as to yea or nay regarding giving this to your plants as the buds fatten up?
  6. P

    Lower buds

    Hello everyone! Can you remove the lower popcorn buds at 1 month of flower or it's to late for that? Luv yall:circle-of-love:
  7. C

    How not to cure your crop - Mouldy weed!

    Hi there all. I don't know if there is anything I can do but I have made a monumental srew-up after just harvesting my buds (just one plant). I had just cut down and trimmed my first ever autoflowerer and was just finishing trimming when I had to drop everything and attend another family...
  8. G

    Autoflower might be photo - Switching back to 18/6

    The photo below may not look like a large plant, but this plant is exactly 5ft tall from the soil. It wouldn't flower so I put the room on 12-12 coming from 18-6. I got back from vacation and she is flowering now. This is day 75 for her. Is it possible she is still an Auto and I can go back...
  9. Buds420

    Hello everybody

    Hi, Im excited to be a member of this community this is my first time joining a site like this I'm a new grower and I'm curntly on the 8th week of flower with my first ever grow. I'm growing white widdow from seed and genetics are from canuk seeds. I joined this site since I woke up this morning...
  10. E

    Mono Silicic Acid - Power Si or Super Si

    Hey guys, what's up? I am thinking about hitting up my next run with a new product, either Power Si or Super Si. I've noticed alot of growers on instagram blowing up Power Si, seems to be the new thing people are adding out there. I've done some research and its seems to be an available form...
  11. M

    CBD oil on buds?

    Hi all.. I just had to harvest my plant a bit early, and I'm afraid I lost out on the medicinal benefits of it. Is there any way I could increase the CBD content after harvest? Could I put a drop of CBD oil directly on the dried buds or something? Also, Is there any way to improve the taste of...
  12. IndyRacerNick

    Cure going bad on day 1?

    Hello everyone, This is the 3rd plant I have done now since spring, and I have a question regarding the dry and cure The first 2 plants dried in about 3 days, no light, no fans, airflow, no direct air, but humidity was low @ 30%~ When I put into jars there were NO moisture. Very dry buds...
  13. Z

    Am I ready for harvest?

    Hey guys, I think one of my plants has finished way earlier then the others. The others are nice and large, with nice big buds with lots of white curly hairs. However this plant is short, has barley any buds and all the curly little hairs have curled in and turned orange. Should i start my...
  14. K

    Bad clone

    I got a clone from a medical shop. Once I got home I notice the roots was brown so I decided to plant it to see if I can bring it back to life. Only thing is its not producing no buds are new growth the white hairs that was on it is turning brown I'm ready to trash it [154621.jpg[/img]
  15. S

    Bud Rot! Can any part be saved?

    It's a Bud Rot Morning! Is there any help? This is my first grow: In MA. outside, in pots/dirt, CBDream started on or about May 1st, 4 plants in total. Everything was going great, nice plants, healthy, green, lots of buds and about two weeks from harvest. I had to be away for a week...
  16. F

    How to grow bigger plants?

    Every time I grow, whether it be indoor or outdoor my plants remain the same size. I use Ocean Forest and 7 gallon pots. When it goes from veg to flower I start using nutrients, age-old bloom and Cal mag but they never seem to get bigger than about waist high and I see all of these monster...
  17. B

    Gray growth on buds - Help

    I am new at this forum as well as a new outdoor grower. I am nearing harvest of my beautiful buds and I have something going wrong. I have gray growth at the base of my buds that are eventually traveling up the bud. I would appreciate any input in identifying what this is and a resolution for...
  18. dauzer

    Mold on buds - Will it spread?

    Hey, Just finished a crop of Incredible Bulk. I had some humidity issues during flowering and ended up with some mold on my main colas. When i was trimming the plants i done my best to remove all the buds and stems with mold, from what i could see i got it all until 2 days into drying. I...
  19. S

    White Widow Strange Growing

    So I'm in the the Northeast- USA. Fall time means bud time. No newbie to growing here. Was growing purple buds 30 years ago. I have a white widow growing outside doing well, budding well too. The funny thing is one branch has purple buds, the rest of the plant is flowering white hairs at this...
  20. F

    GDP - Do you usually get small buds from this plant?

    We're coming down the homestretch right now outside with a GDP I've had since April. She has a lot of bud sites, it just looks like her flowers are going to be really small, like marble size MAYBE. Is this normal? I read online that average outdoor yield is about 300 grams, but I don't think...