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  1. O

    Can you re-process canna butter?

    I'm growing a few Hindu Kush trees in flower and doing very well indeed. Largely due to the latitude and strain for a 1st grow in San Diego I wager. I removed a 6 ft male conspicuous by height, gangliness and ultimately early signs of its sexual equipment. As anticipated the space left is...
  2. W

    Cannabutter with bubble hash

    So we are trying to figure this out. With bubble hash we wouldn't have alot of the green flavor but how much should we use? right now we have 1 cup of butter (half crisco) with 25g of bubble hash. this should make 50 cookies according to the recipe. Is this over kill? We have zero experience...
  3. I

    Cannabis Food Experimentation

    Hi all. I have noticed over the last few days, that a lot of people are asking about how to use cannabutter in recipes. I am an x chef, so food ideas come more easily to me than they do the average person. This is only because I have learnt over the years what foods and flavours go well...
  4. A

    Mold on trim help please!

    I have some trim I put in a closed container for a few days to make butter out of, but when I opened it I noticed a little white fuzz on maybe 5% of the whole thing of trim. My question is can I still make butter out of it, will the heat kill anything bad in it and if not the heat of melting and...
  5. A

    Trim for butter help?

    I have some trim I put in a closed container for a few days to make butter out of, but when I opened it I noticed a little white fuzz on maybe 5% of the whole thing of trim. My question is can I still make butter out of it, will the heat kill anything bad in it and if not the heat of melting and...
  6. R

    What's The Easiest Way To Make Perfect Cannabis Recipes?

    A quality butter/cannabis infusion is the cornerstone of a memorable and soul-satisfying cannabis recipe. Everyone who has ever tried their hand at making cannabutter the old-fashioned way knows it’s no picnic. Years of trial and error have determined that the easiest, most consistent method of...
  7. J

    Magic Butter Machine

    Hi everyone, Sorry to restart an old threat here, but in search of an answer. I really don't trust using PG no matter what the FDA says. I've done the research. There has to be a healthier alternative yo make e juice from the Majic Butter.
  8. R

    Edible Marijuana Goes Gourmet: Recipes For 20-Minute Cannabis Olive Oil, Dip And More

    Robyn Griggs Lawrence has a steak recipe so good it'll make you feel high. Literally. Seared Wagyu New York Strip with Cannabis Rub is just one of more than a hundred gourmet-inclined recipes Lawrence compiled for her Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, now entering a second printing. Now she's taking...
  9. AKgramma

    How should I store and use cannabudder?

    I want to use cannabudder like I use butter, mixed with peanut butter and jelly on bread, for example, instead of having to bake cookies and brownies, as I am not a very good baker. How do I store it so that it doesn't spoil?
  10. T

    Burnt my butter

    Hi guys! So whilst I'm getting the stuff I need to get my grow room operational, I thought I'd try making some butter! I got a 1/2 oz of some really good bud (had 1 bong and was fucking buzzing... munchies for hours lol). So today i decided to make some butter! Needless to say I fucked...
  11. B

    Squeezing more goodness out of decarboxylated weed - This can save you some money!

    Since most of the MIPS I consume are in the form of cannacoconut oil used of toast, I have to decarboxylate my weed to make it psychoactive. I use a Magical Butter Machine (MB2e) to infuse the decarbed weed into the oil and I do two pints at a time. I always felt funny about throwing out the...
  12. B

    Cannabis plus chocolate question

    So my, *ahem* lady friend, who knows I've started my grow and also knows I'm pretty insane in the kitchen asked me today if I could make her some edible chocolate truffles. Doing some research it seems the popular approach I'd to use oil as as entire batch of truffles only calls for 1 tbsp of...
  13. D

    Why Strain Cannabis Butter or Coconut Oil

    Why do you have to strain the cannabis when baking? Can't you just leave it in the oil? Doesn't it make it more potent? PS Butter vs Coconut oil, which one is more effective?
  14. A

    Please help, should I harvest now? Thanks

    Hi 420 first time growing. I have 2 plants. 1 female and 1 male and they are about 5 months. I want to use the male for butter and it's been around 2 weeks since the flowers started blooming and falling. I wanted to know if it's ready to harvest and make butter. If it's ready should I dry it...
  15. G

    Making butter from a tiny piece

    I have like a tiny bit left. Like 0.1 gram off good hash. Maby enough to take a bong hit. But i dont have a bong and i cant go outside. (can only do joints because neighbours just think im smoking tobacco than). Anyways. Is it possible to mix 0.1 in butter and get some effect?? I only get...
  16. C

    Edibles: Mids VS Loud?

    When making hash, oil or butter, which is better to use? Mids or loud? I've heard some people just sum it up with, "you use crap, you get crap." But I've also heard people say loud is wasted on edibles because its quality is better appreciated through smoking. They also say that mids will get...
  17. A

    Cannabis butter and peanut butter help

    Im looking for help with making some infused butter. I've tried cooking the butter directly with marijuana with little potency along with the same results with peanutbutter. I need something extremely potent, I have looked up other methods some dealing with boiling the plant material prior to...
  18. X

    First Time User - CannaButter

    I have never used Marijuana in any form before. I don't feel like my lungs could handle the smoke or vapor, so I have decided to make edibles. I want to make brownies, but I do not know how much Marijuana to use to make the butter. I want to make half a batch of brownies so I need some help on...
  19. B

    Testing the strength of edibles

    I want to get into supplying infused butter to cooperatives. It would be perfect if I could test the batches and determine the strength. Since I have read a bit on this topic, it appears that the only way to test for THC is by mass spectrometer (don't have a spare $50K on me this week)...
  20. Sydvicious

    Thermos budbutter method.

    I read a few threads on here on this topic and found it to be a great idea. You know, where you pour scalding hot butter into a thermos containing weed and you let it sit there for a couple hours. However I had a few questions. Should the butter be heated on the stove, or in the microwave. If...
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