1. cufix

    Caboose, 50th day of flowering

    Hey! Here are some pictures of my Caboose, which is in 50th day of flowering. Just one more week before flushing it and after 2 week from now, the budding phase will be finished :) Currently I'm feeding it with (at 3/4 strenght): Advanced Nutrients; Grow-Micro-Bloom, Rhino skin, Bud candy...
  2. cufix

    Strange looking leaves just on 1 bud?

    Hey, I noticed that 1 bud have strange leaves but I can't figure out what is causing it. The strain is Caboose and it's in 50 day of flowering and growing in coco. I was thinking about a light burn, but it's hardly possible since I'm using LEDs (Mars II 900w). This top is a bit higher than...
  3. cufix

    Signs of a hermie?

    Hey, I heard somewhere, that pistills which changes color too soon might be a sign of a hermie. I haven't found any male balls or somehting, but still could anyone check those photos and tell me if there are any strange signs? Besides I think my flowers are a bit small for 26th day of flowering...
  4. cufix

    Caboose - 26th day of flowering

    Hey guys, here are some pictures of my Caboose - 26 days into flowering :) I think that flowers might be a little small I might stressed them out or something idk :/ What do you think about it?
  5. cufix

    Need a little guideline / some opinions

    Hey, I'll post some of my fresh pictures made yesterday and I'd appreciate if someone could tell me what do you think about them? :) Are they too close together? Too many leaves? Maybe something else you would do different? Flowers are in 17 day of flowering, strain is Caboose, under 2 led...
  6. cufix

    Need help with ScrOG

    Hey, I am growing strain "Caboose" under led light with advanced nutrients in 11l pots with coco 65% - perlitte 35% and I have decided to go after a scrog technique. It is my first time growing scrog. At first it was hard, because this plant is really small and it has really short internodes...
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