carbon filter scrubber

  1. phresh filter.JPG

    phresh filter.JPG

    new 4 inch phresh filter
  2. C

    Building the test tank microgrow half stack file cabinet fully documented

    running total 138.75 hello everyone this build will take around 1-2 weeks due to things out of my control just a heads up my reasons for building this test tank is mainly for seeds to test new strains ideas nutes and document different things and try different ways withouth tieing up my main...
  3. O

    Rate my DIY custom box build & super new with a few questions!

    (( Pics at bottom )) Hi All, Almost too much info on this site. Thanks in advance to everyone that at one point answered someone elses random questions to reference and get my build off the ground. First my requirements were absolute stealth. No exceptions. Plus to hide this it needed to be...
  4. B

    Which carbon scrubber/filter would you recommend?

    Hello! This website had been very helpful as I inch closer to my first grow. The question I have for the community is which carbon scrubber/filter would be best for a 4x4 room with four plants. There can not be any smell during the flowering or drying period. Or am I screwed and even with the...
  5. S

    Fans, carbon scrubber filter questions

    I will be growing in a SECRET JARDIN DR90 (3x3x6) with a 400w hps with batwing reflector. I have a fantech 6inch 220cfm centrifugal fan and i hope to keep costs down by using this fan. The air will come from an evironmentally controlled living space and exhausted into that same room. I will...
  6. B

    Ventilation for a large room?

    Hi all! First time grower getting ready for a first go at it. I have an entire upstairs room about 12' X 12' and was wondering how to make a DIY air filter/ventilation. The only place air can exit the room is through a window. I've seen a lot about vent/filtering of grow boxes but I think it...
  7. SauronBlue

    WW/Wappa 2L Hempy GLR 1st Grow!

    Thanks for stopping by. I will start a grow journal tomorrow, but I really need some advice on my first grow. So, I have a 39"x39"x72" agromax tent with a 400w HPS. I'm using white widow seeds from nl seeds and wappa from paradise seeds. I used paper towels to germinate the seeds, and now I have...
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