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  1. Symphony Of Love & Creation

    Symphony Of Love & Creation

    The cosmic soup of life
  2. Eviction Notice

    Eviction Notice

    I gently moved these happy campers to another plant and off my Skunk reveg. No eggs for me thanks.
  3. F

    Any Suggestions For Spray To Prevent Caterpillars? Or Advice For Prevention?

    My guys around me keep saying that they always get hit outdoors in Norcal with caterpillars. Some suggested neem another offered chemical spray. What to choose? I have none right now, just dont want my shit ate up. Anything i should do on the prevention level or no? thanks in advance :thanks:
  4. O


    Had a problem with caterpillars on my outside plants . My girls ARE in a plastic greenhouse . I shared benificial bugs with a buddy . You all know the drill . The basterds hatch on your buds and poop and cause mold ! I live in Ventura county Ca. Up the road from me is a company called "Organic...
  5. 4Dutchess

    Safer Caterpillar spray or Azamax?

    Fall caterpillars are the only pests I really notice, and they can suck!! The grow shop told me to use "Safer" cat. spray. They said up to 2 weeks before harvest is ok with Safer?? Is Aza max as good or better?? Im thinking spray in August and stop in Sept.? I only see Caterpillars...
  6. C

    Caterpillar/bud worms question

    I live in SF bay area California to harvest or to spray? I am ready to harvest and I noticed that I have moth/caterpillars. my question is that should I pull the buds away from the stem slightly and spray for them before I harvest and wait a few days or should I harvest and do the pain...
  7. trichomes

    Best way to remove Moth eggs from my sticky buds?

    I gotta get more LadyBugs tomorrow, I can't keep the moths away at night, I see eggs all over, the BT appears to be killing the hatched worms, but I just hate seeing the eggs! Any feedback greatly appreciated! Here's the plant today, it is bursting w new growth, even after 2.5 months outside...
  8. trichomes

    Must See Photo! Ladybug eating a live inchworm on my outdoor plant

    Ladybugs are massacring all inchworms & eggs on my outdoor plant as soon as I let them out! Are there any drawbacks to ladybugs used for eradicating pests? I get 1000 bugs for 6 bucks, they last up to 3 weeks! Thank you
  9. VenturaKush

    Tops Of Buds Turning Brown And Dying

    I'm In My Sixth Week Of Flowering A G-13 Plant Outdoors In Southern California With All Fox Farm Products And I Have Found A Few Caterpillars Deep Inside The Buds. Once Picked They Seem To Leave A Type Of Mold/Fungus That Keeps Spreading. ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?
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