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Tops Of Buds Turning Brown And Dying

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I'm In My Sixth Week Of Flowering A G-13 Plant Outdoors In Southern California With All Fox Farm Products And I Have Found A Few Caterpillars Deep Inside The Buds. Once Picked They Seem To Leave A Type Of Mold/Fungus That Keeps Spreading. ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?



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I've Heard That If I Cut The Few Browning Buds Off And Dap A Tiny Bit Of Alcohol With A Q-Tip It With Stop The Mold/Fungus That The Caterpillars Left Behind But I Dont Want To Do Anything Until I Can Verify The Information. Ill Post More Picks Today! And Thank You For The Quick Reply! :thanks:
Looks like bud rot through and through, Im not sure that the caterpillars were entirely to blame but its a bummer nevertheless.
Ive never heard the alcohol suggestion before but I cant think of any better alternative. Its worth a go :)
Ive had bud rot before but not to that extent, I ended up harvesting early to minimize my losses.


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Outdoor grow is rewarding and can also be disastrous. Good luck with it!
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*Outside A G-13 Bud

*Inside A G-13 Bud

Ill Keep Everyone Updated If A Solution Surfaces Itself In The Next Few Hours! :helpsmilie:
BT= Bacillus Thuringiensis

Very effective and only affects caterpillars, but once they are in the buds ........

I'd still get some and use it. Might not help much with this grow, but you will need it for the next one.

I get the concentrate, Thuricide, but I also use it for horn worms on my tomatoes. Apply it every couple of weeks at least and after a rain for sure.

Easy to find products that contain BT in Lowes, HD, or any garden shop. Dipel is one and a lot of 'natural' products. Harmless to anything but caterpillars.

*Outside A G-13 Bud

*Inside A G-13 Bud

Ill Keep Everyone Updated If A Solution Surfaces Itself In The Next Few Hours! :helpsmilie:
Hey I saw your thread on your G-13 buds. The same thing is happening to my plants right now and I was wondering what the outcome of your harvest was.
hi there dont no if in rite spot sorry.but i have a problam with buds 39 days into flower dont no wot strain some say sativa.but eny way heres some pic of my buds going brown and there still small and fluffy like.this was my first grow thankyou.