1. L

    Rust fungi on seedling?

    Hey, I noticed there is 1 small orange spot on one of the leaves of my Royal Dwarf Auto seedling. I searched online and the closest looking thing I found was rust fungi infection. I am pretty worried since this is my first grow and Im not sure what I did wrong... Up until just today I had it on...
  2. M

    Help! Problem with hydroponics

    hey everyone, I have recently set up 2 *feminized photo period White Widow* in a mars hydro 3x3x7 tent, tsw2000, 8'' fan, 5gal dwc, flora series nutes, and this is my first time growing hydro. over the past couple of days I've noticed some yellow/brown spots showing up on their leaves. plant A...
  3. Southerncough

    Deficiency or disease?

    Greetings growers! So I have an issue that I originally shrugged off as neglect or just a sickly plant/genetics and tossed the plant with the mentality of "it's okay, I've got some others growing perpetually behind her... until I started seeing similar problems on otherwise healthy plants which...
  4. T

    Help! Bud Rot!

    OMG, what to do?
  5. H

    Question about pesky fungus gnats

    So I'm about to restart my grow cycle. Last cycle we had a fungus gnat problem, hoping to avoid that this time around. Local grow store suggested the following tip for dealing with larvae in mature plants. He said this: "Increase o2 levels from 1.5mL per 4litres to 5mL per 1 litre." I'm...
  6. Q

    Need help

    Bottom leaves yellowing and dying could this be caused by fungus gnats
  7. P

    Fungus gnat in DWC?

    Noticed last night little gnat like bugs flying out of my res during change. They are 52 days old (13 days into bloom nutes). pH and ppm have been steady throughout grow with res temps ranging in low 70s. Every res change at 7-10 days it gets hydroguard and Z7 with additional boost of Z7 every...
  8. J

    Week 3 from seed - New leaves on particular plant came in scrunched & look like tips

    Hey guys... Im on week 3 and all 12 of my seedlings are doing ok besides some of them stretching . But anyway can anyone tell me why these leaves are scrunched up like that and the tip looks burnt on the leaf closest? I do have a fan on my plants, im using cfls and they are close but cant...
  9. N

    Hello I'm Noodle

    hello the names noodle, I work for a large grow and am having a mite problem due to genetics that were brought from cali to Oregon and covered in fuckin supermites ive been battling, ive tried everything pesticide, miticide, vacaracides, biological fungicides, bio-insecticides. the works. i was...
  10. G

    Fungus Gnat Problems

    Or will it inhibit water/nute intake?
  11. J

    Can't Figure Out What's Wrong With Plant

    I have been growing this plant for about 2 weeks and 4 days now and have done all kinds of test on it. i had a fungus gnat problem and it's just now letting up but, my plant is still showing damage. is this fungus gnat damage or root problems? i've tested the PH multiple times so it shouldn't be...
  12. T

    Fungus Gnat damage? Or?

    So im almost a 100% sure I have a slight case of the fungus gnats... Ive been letting my soil dry almost completely out now and they seem to be going away. BUT some of my leaves towards the bottom (old and new) are looking hella gross. They are turning a deep brown and curling under. It seems...
  13. D

    My first grow - I need help - Black spots on leaves

    Hello. I have a little problem with my plant. In 02 months has appeared some black dots on top of the leaves. I do not know how to avoid this fungus or removing it. I searched a solution and i found a article that said could be flies then I cover with a screen in the air input to prevent...
  14. K

    Am I ready for harvest?

    Hey was wondering if anyone could tell me if im ready for harvest from my photos. Also if I am, I haven't flushed yet? does this matter? I don't really wanna soak my plant as currently have fungus gnats and worried about creating more moisute! Any help would be appreciated.
  15. F

    Frickin' Fungus Gnats!

    They're all over. I know it's from too much watering, but I need to get rid of them. Quick. One plant shows already signs of damage which I think is from fungus gnats. I already put yellow sticky traps up, but now I need something to kill the larvae. I am in Spain and I was looking for...
  16. S


    So I kept getting a grey fungus that turned into a nasty thick cobweb, it turned the stem brown and the leaves/buds grey. I realized it was spreading through the plant quickly by growing into the stem and spreading along it. I figured this out after cutting off some buds and it kept spreading...
  17. VenturaKush

    Tops Of Buds Turning Brown And Dying

    I'm In My Sixth Week Of Flowering A G-13 Plant Outdoors In Southern California With All Fox Farm Products And I Have Found A Few Caterpillars Deep Inside The Buds. Once Picked They Seem To Leave A Type Of Mold/Fungus That Keeps Spreading. ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?
  18. L

    Abandoned Organic Mako Haze and Auto Flower Fruit Stealth Pro Grow w/Pics Help

    This is the beginning of my first grow. From my pics, you will see my first grow room, and also a problem that I need help in solving. Veteran growers feel free to chime in. I have 3 Mako Haze sativa clones (2 on the far right and 1 on the far left) and 3 Fruit Automatic Flowering sativa...
  19. L

    Abandoned Beginner Pro Grow - Need Help from Veteran Grower

    This is the beginning of my first grow. From my pics, you will see my first grow room, and also a problem that I need help in solving. Veteran growers feel free to chime in. I have 3 Mako Haze sativa clones (2 on the far right and 1 on the far left) and 3 Fruit Automatic Flowering sativa seeds...
  20. P

    Can use your advice. Deficiency?

    Thanks for even clicking here to help me sort this out. So here is the run down......... kush plants 12x12 internal grow room 4 weeks veg state 650 led Blue/Red Temp in 70's Hum 40%-50% Running nutes are 24 8 16 Soil is MC .21 .07 .14 18/6 light ratio There are hese little dry white crystals...
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