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Rust fungi on seedling?

Hey, I noticed there is 1 small orange spot on one of the leaves of my Royal Dwarf Auto seedling. I searched online and the closest looking thing I found was rust fungi infection. I am pretty worried since this is my first grow and Im not sure what I did wrong... Up until just today I had it on my windowsill with a small 20W Led, I bought a new 150w led and a tent setup, which arrived today. Can somebody confirm if this is rust fungi?
And if it is what is the best thing to do? Thx :Namaste:
Hard to see in the pic but to me looks like a water drop caused a burn from light.
okay thanks, kinda hard to take a better picture of it because my camera sucks and its literally just that one super tiny orange spot. I noticed it first like 2 days ago but didnt think to much about it, but since its still there I decided to open a thread.
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