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    Month old Lebanese. Short and solid
  2. 20190326_060856.jpglebanese


    Repotted my babies. They were getting rootbound. Used Happy Frog and Ocean grown mixed into 2gallon pots.
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    Some Lebanese babies
  4. M

    Additional Light Question

    Hey everyone. I'm currently using a 2.3x.2.3x5 grow tent and a Mars II 400 LED light for my grows. I was looking at adding some additional light and was thinking about throwing in 2X 6500k and 2X 2700K CFL's. I know I can't put too much light in that small space, but would I just be better off...
  5. C

    Apollo 75 watt CFL's glow in the dark.

    Yep it's official. Both of my Apollo 75 watt cfl's glow after lights off. Even a few hours later. I mean glowing bright enough where you can see your hand. I was unscrewing them and putting them in the closet, then one night I forgot. I just don't use them anymore. My Apollo 250 watt CFL's...
  6. nobodyhere

    Question on light bleed from veg area to flower tent - Need input please

    I might be overthinking this. I want to set up a simple small veg area in the walk in closet where my tent is. It will consist of a 2x2 hydro tub with a few plants/clones sitting under one or two 65w CFLs. I have a tent in the closet. Currently running 18/6 with autos so this is not an...
  7. Q

    Amount of CFLs needed for 4'x4' grow space

    How many watts needed per sq ft for CFLs I have 8 plants and 700 watts in a 4x4 space Also how close should they be and should I use reflectors or just plugs or a mix?
  8. bugabu229

    Dinafem White Widow XXL auto lots of pics first grow

    Hey guys these are my White Widow Auto from dinafem. Just wanted to Basically see why my plants are so small. i figure it could be from some mistakes i made early on and how to correct them if possible. First i transplanted on day 5 from solo cups to 17 litterpots. they drooped for 1 days but...
  9. tryan2grow1

    Completed Tryan2grow1 For The First Time

    Here we go. Climb aboard, grab a seat, buckle up for this bus is off to a new adventure. Delving into dwc with 2 5gal set ups with clay pellets in net pots. Grow tent is 2X3X5. Current lighting is a total of 292 watts including 4 23w, 6500k, 100w equiv cfls, 4 40w, 2700k, 150w equiv cfls and...
  10. J

    CFL and LED?

    Hello all, I am new to the forums and new to growing all together. My current setup consists of a 36" x 36" x 72" grow tent with single MarsHydro Mars300 LED Full Spectrum grow light (with a second on the way.) Whilst chatting with a coworker, he recommended that I add some CFL lights. I...
  11. ChronicMonkey

    Completed Monkey's First Grow

    Hey guys Due to some unforeseen circumstances i had to move my plants into the cabinet today. So i went out i got what i could afford so long and get the setup going. Now i know there are still a lot missing and to be done but hopeful this will do for the next few days till i get the rest i...
  12. WillGrow510

    Completed 12/12 From Seed Special Kush #1 Coco W/AN & 450W CFL

    Okay folks. Here's my third grow. Other two are in the works. Both in flower. Seeing as I can only have 6 plants at a time, looks like I will be running 3 different strains (2 ea) at a time. I have already learned a lot even though I have not brought anything to harvest yet. I have...
  13. Badmnky69

    CFL lighting

    Hi new to growing I have 6 auto blueberry domina sprouted was wondering if 3-150w softwhites and 3-150w daylight CFLs will do the job or do I need more light
  14. M

    Abandoned MissyMayham - Soil - CBDream - Micro Grow Journal 2016

    Single plant stealth grow** (first ever noob grow so be gentle :)) Veg start: first leaves. Light: 1600 CFLs x6 (5000-6500 lumens), 18/6hr light cycle. Soil: 3 : 1 : 1 organic soil, worm castings, perlite. Sterilized soil to kill little flies (ick!) Veg fertilizer: 24-8-16 (all-purpose MG -...
  15. S

    I need your help with this lighting!

    Okay so im torn between either going to 2 t5s 6500k 75 watts for my 2 plants or going to 2 150watt 6500k cfls for my 2 plants?? which is better and also what should i use for the flowering stage!? they are currently under 2 60 watt cfls and they dont seem to be growing that fast.
  16. AKgramma

    Which is the best way to use 2 Mars 300's?

    Need some opinions: Next week my second mars300 Hydro will arrive. My inventory will include 2 Mars 300's and about 2 dozen or more 23 W CFLS in both daylight and soft white. I have 2 active 9 SF grow areas, one for veg and one for flower. What is the best way to use the mars units? Do I...
  17. N

    Large mogul based CFLs?

    Im not too sure where i read this but, i read that the large CFLs like the 10-12 inch 125watt+ ones are best when presented to the plant sideways rather than up and down... these kind.... i just want to make sure i use it to the best of its advantage :):thanks::Namaste::thumb:
  18. A

    Sign of heat issues from light or not enough light?

    Hi, My girls are showing signs of browning/purpling? Could this be an issue with my lighting? The plants are 2.5 weeks old after popping from the soil. Originally I had them under a 54W T5 single bulb light, but they were growing so slowly that I added 2x23W 6500K CFL and 2x40W 5500K CFLs...
  19. S

    Growing with CFLs faqs - Need advice

    Started growing using CFLs. I have 4 100watt replacement CFLs in a tinfoil lined box with some regular store bought soil. I know I need more and what not but I'm having trouble finding the right questions. I know CFLs are pretty easy on the electric Bill but other than that Idk too much. Looking...
  20. luvinthebudz

    LED & CFL spectrums - Do they mix?

    Hey 420 peeps! I just wanted to say I'm extremely thankful for this site! A lot of valuable information on here, thanks!! Ok I've googled and searched this site and couldn't find a definitive answer, but I have an old mars 300 in the middle of my tent and two 2700k 23w cfls on each corner also...
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